Vividcon 2008
2008 Action

It's all about music, motion, and energy. Whether it's a character study, meta, or just a way to sell a show to new viewers, these vids all get their message across in a visceral, kinetic way. And are damn fun to watch. VJ: bradcpu

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Cleric Frivolity Speed Me towards Death Rob Dougan Equilibrium None
Fast, slick, impressively edited gun pr0n.
2 Sick Kitty I'm So Sick (Remix) Flyleaf Resident Evil films None
Nonstop action and infectious musicality!
3 Freestyler obsessive24 Bomfunk MCs Smallville None
Junior Justice League for the win!
4 Stand ShadowNOS Stand in the Rain Superchick Fate/Stay Night None
Anime source and song choice give the action an epic feel.
5 Wasteland dragonchic 10 Years Spider-Man None
The line between heroes and villains is thin, and full of explosions.
6 Mambo Italiano Charmax Groove Armada Alias None
She's dressed to the 9s and ready to dance!
7 The Burly Man Mister Anderson Break Stuff Limp Bizkit The Matrix Trilogy None
Incredible use of Matrix fight scenes.
8 Get Free Adam The Vines DOA: Dead or Alive None
Sex or martial arts? Yes, please.
9 Southside bop_radar Moby Battlestar Galactica (2003) None
BSG as gang warfare!
10 Follow You Home Jonsbigandscary Nickelback Sin City None
Defiant attitude takes swagger to a new level.
11 Dead Danegen Pixies Supernatural None
Rapid-fire creepfest filled with symbolism and connections.
12 Orchard of Mines dragonchic Globus Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children None
Organic flow of action editing defies you to find the seams.
13 Hard Rock Hallelujah Marisa Panaccio Lordi Black Heaven, Chrono Crusade and Trinity Blood None
It's the Arockalypse! Animes are Chrono Crusade, Trinity Blood, and Black Heaven.
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