Vividcon 2006
2006 God, the Devil, and Bob

God, the Devil, and Bob are at the diner and when God and the Devil get together it's always the same thing--"You left!" "No, you threw me out!" "You STARTED A WAR!" "All kids rebel!"--and so Bob was all "Screw this, I'm going home" and God was all "You owe me for your curly fries, Bob" and Bob was like "You owe me for the movies from last week" and Lucifer was all "Da Vinci Code SUCKED anyway" and Bob gave Lucifer the finger and took off on his wicked new mountain bike. So, Bob isn't in the show. VJ: tzikeh

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Big Red Boat Margie and Seah Grey Eye Glimpses Joan of Arcadia None
God is love. Besides, who can resist the God-wave?
2 Darkness, Darkness Jo and gwyneth Richard Shindell Miracles None
God is now here. Maybe.
3 Wings of Steel LithiumDoll Wings of Steel (hEADaCHE mix) Collide Constantine None
Whom, exactly, is John trying to save?
4 Caught in a Jar Zeneyepirate Dropkick Murphys Rescue Me None
Tommy is haunted by Jesus and abused by Mary. Tommy has it rough.
5 Dear God Chris aka Chris Harshman XTC Jeremiah None
6 Real or Not Christy, Jo and Media Cannibals Warren Zevon Brimstone None
Satan, you complete and utter bastard.
7 Why AJ Stabbing Westward The Crow None
He may be an angel, or he may be a demon. All we know is that he is out for revenge.
8 Angels California Crew Dente, Becker, Ashton Touched by an Angel None
2006: They share in our joys and comfort us in our sorrows.
9 Saved snoo and tzikeh Amazing Grace Rinde Eckert Carnivale None
He wanted to serve God. He couldn't forsee what God would want.
10 Brothers/Sisters obsessive24 Coldplay Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
Flip a coin.
11 Prayer for the Dying f1renze Seal Angels in America None
He just wanted to lay down his heavy load.
12 Swing Down Chariot Eunice Golden Gate Quartet Dogma None
"And I bless you: More Life."
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