Vividcon 2003
2003 Character Study

Who the hell is this guy anyway? At some level, the character study vid tries to illustrate a character's core belief(s). The vid may show the character's self-image or an outside point of view, but the vid's there to connect the dots. VJ: rache

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Motorcycle Drive By Lynn C. Third Eye Blind Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:00:00
He may be love's bitch...
2 So Pure Katharine and Pam Alanis Morissette Homicide: Life on the Street 0:04:30
The metaphor of interrogation for dancing seemed obvious, as the uses of interrogation are at the center of both the show and Frank Pembleton’s character.
3 Don't Fear the Reaper Killa, Luminosity, Melina and WOAD Society Blue Oyster Cult Highlander 0:03:12
He's so good when he's bad.
4 Where I Want to Be Chris aka Chris Harshman and Christina Chess soundtrack Babylon 5 0:03:49
Londo's rise and fall in the Babylon 5 universe.
5 I'm the Girl Killa and WOAD Society Heather Nova Highlander and Highlander: The Raven 0:03:18
He’s so good when he’s bad.
6 Walking on a Wire Jo, Media Cannibals, Sandy and rache Lowen & Navarro The Sentinel 0:03:39
Blair's life on the edge.
7 I Saved the World Today Birgit The Eurythmics Farscape 0:03:19
A tribute to the painful journey Aeryn Sun has been forced to take since becoming a truly free individual.
8 Hi Diddle Dee Dee Chicago Loop, Deejay and tzikeh Disney's Pinocchio soundtrack Wild Wild West 0:03:56
Artemus Gordon is a man of many guises and disguises.
9 Gangsta's Paradise Morgaine Coolio Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:01:47
The wonderfully complex character that is Faith.
10 Friction Jill, Kathy and Kay The Church Stargate SG-1 0:03:50
A peek at Jack’s wilder, wackier side.
11 Smooth Operator gwyneth Sade La Femme Nikita 0:03:35
He's sexy, dangerous, deadly, capable, duplicitour, inscrutable, wicked, and wonderful. He's Michael, super spy guy extraordinaire and the ultimate smooth operator.
12 The Man's Too Strong Killa, T. Jonesy and WOAD Society Dire Straits Star Trek TOS 0:04:33
Spock confesses the greatest truth of his life.
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