Vividcon 2017
2017 This Vidshow Goes to Eleven!

My emotions! My emotions!!!! (A one hundred percent invested all on the line go big or go home earnestly melodramatic lol-cry vidshow.) VJ: Trelkez

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Holding Out for a Hero Mary Crawford Jennifer Saunders Hercules 0:02:43
Holding out for strategically placed grapes.
2 Another Sunday Jescaflowne We Built This City Starship Stargate Atlantis 0:04:29
We built this city on sparkles!
3 Alone sisabet Heart Merlin (BBC) 0:03:39
Arthur is alone!!
4 It's All Coming Back To Me Greensilver Celine Dion Captain America (comics) 0:04:55
Celine Dion has a lot of Steve/Bucky feels.
5 Bad Boy SDWolfpup Cascada Dante's Cove 0:02:57
Where are we going to find a virgin in Dante's Cove??
6 Supernatural (In My Pants) Deirdre C. Jizz in My Pants The Lonely Island Supernatural 0:02:42
You might want to get that looked at.
7 (You Drive Me) Crazy Cherry Ice Britney Spears Sharknado 0:03:16
When was the last time YOU jumped into a shark with a chainsaw?
8 Tragedy Dualbunny Bee Gees Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:03:49
Spike is going NOWHERE.
9 Copacabana Barkley and Destina Barry Manilow Stargate SG-1 0:03:31
She lost her youth AND she lost her Tony!
10 The One Joyo Elton John Rocky movies 0:04:45
Slow-motion, glistening emotions.
11 All By Myself T. Jonesy Eric Carmen Star Trek TOS 0:04:26
Those days are gone. (*cries*)
12 I Swear Dualbunny, Greensilver, Pipsqueak and sweetestdrain All4One Smallville 0:04:28
If you're going to eleven, GO there.
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