Vividcon 2015
2015 You're My Best Friend

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 From Here On Out Mithborien The Killers Teen Wolf 00:02:30 [link]
Buddies have your back.
2 Strength In You here's luck Kim Richey Gilmore Girls 00:03:12 [link]
Buddies give you strength to endure.
3 We Are Gonna Be Friends HumansRSuperior The White Stripes Life 00:02:21 [link]
Sometimes buddies have different ways of doing things…
4 Do My Thing Laura Shapiro Estelle featuring Janelle Monáe The Heat 00:03:07 [link]
…but buddies still fit together.
5 My Best Friend Killa Hello Saferide Lost Girl 00:03:22 [link]
Buddies inspire lots of feelings.
6 Ain't No Easy Way Danegen Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 00:02:22 [link]
So sometimes you get into bad situations with your buddy.
7 Shine Eunice Dolly Parton Thelma & Louise 00:04:34 [link]
But your buddy stays with you until the end.
8 Thick as Thieves Charmax Kasabian Dead Like Me 00:03:06 [link]
And even beyond.
9 Motown Philly jarrow Boyz II Men Psych 00:03:22 [link]
Buddies can be playmates.
10 King and Lionheart cosmic llin Of Monsters and Men Star Trek VOY 00:04:20 [link]
And comrades.
11 I Do The Dumbest Things For You purplefringe You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate Zoey Van Goey Stargate Atlantis 00:02:53 [link]
And poor influences.
12 My Secret such heights Anna Ternheim Elementary 00:02:33 [link]
Buddies can teach us about ourselves.
13 Gimme Shelter Thandie Rolling Stones (Streetlab remix) Starsky & Hutch 00:04:12 [link]
You can shoot people with your buddy.
14 (Never) Always Getting Back Together Ash We Are Never Getting Back Together Taylor Swift Supernatural 00:02:50 [link]
Even though you don't always get along, you and your buddy will still find a way back to each other.
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