Vividcon 2017
2017 VividCon Rare Cuts

A selection of vids that have only shown once before at VividCon. VJ: GhostTownExit

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Blue Jean Mary Crawford David Bowie Labyrinth 0:02:25 [link]
Hail to the Goblin King.
2 Tamacun Margie and Seah Rodrigo y Gabriela Dresden Files 0:03:31
The wizarding world of working the beat.
3 My People tencel The Presets Attack the Block 0:03:53
Aliens vs. South London.
4 The Way We Get By elipie Spoon Broad City 0:02:38 [link]
Fun, friendship, and the occasional public nudity.
5 Filthy/Gorgeous kuwdora Scissor Sisters Heroes 0:02:55 [link]
With great power comes great desirability.
6 A Quite Serious Thematic Analysis of the Works of David Cronenberg Jetpack Monkey SexyBack Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland Cronenberg Movies 0:02:53 [link]
It's not just your skin that's crawling.
7 Seven hollywoodgrrl and ohvienna Fever Ray David Lynch Films 0:05:19
America is a fever dream put to film.
8 Fashion is Danger valoise Flight of the Conchords Star Trek: The Original Series 0:02:18
To boldly vogue.
9 Animal Instinct obsessive24 The Cranberries Bedrooms and Hallways 0:02:36 [link]
Love is all around.
10 Caught in a Jar Zeneyepirate Dropkick Murphys Rescue Me 0:02:21
A father, the Son, and lots of spirits.
11 Fragile Eunice and Myrtle Sting Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:03:58
The kids aren't alright.
12 Sea Fever here's luck Kris Delmhorst Slings and Arrows 0:03:24 [link]
Waiting for our cue.
13 Everybody Wang Chung Tonight Luminosity Wang Chung Ancient Aliens 0:04:05 [link]
Am I saying aliens built this vidshow? Well, how else could GhostTownExit create this, with his meager technology and know-how. He had to have some sort of extraterrestrial assistance.
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