Vividcon 2013
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All videos in this vidshow were premieres.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Heathcliff Eva Kenieva Shuki Levy & Haim Saban Wuthering Heights (1970) 00:01:13
A character study of Heathcliff in his context at Wuthering Heights
2 Most Beautiful Girl in the Room hellpenguin Flight of the Conchords Captain America (2011) and Iron Man 00:04:23
In which Tony serenades Steve.
3 The Party Naked Bee Regina Spektor Harold & Kumar 00:02:23
"You leave such a mess, but you're so fun!"
4 Goodnight Irene Acridnym Tom Waits Misery 00:03:06
5 Bathysphere Kass Cat Power Fringe 00:02:59
Olivia Dunham, under pressure.
6 The Runner cupidsbow Gravity Falls (Extended Theme Remix) Brad Breek & The Harlequin Hatter Teen Wolf 00:01:40
Derek Hale: Parkour Werewolf.
7 It's Alright Andraste Grimethorpe Colliery Band Ace Attorney 00:02:30
8 I Will Stay Aruna7 Les Nuits Sans Soleil Ivanov Harry Potter 00:03:39
Years and trials go by, but everyone has to fight to protect their loved ones and to defend what they believe in.
9 Homewrecker Fahrbot Drusilla Marina & the Diamonds Anna Karenina 00:02:57
And I don't belong to anyone
10 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You obsessive24 Madonna Elementary 00:02:14
"I close my eyes and I try to picture him. And I see someone an awful lot like you."
11 Roll To Me Eva Kenieva Del Amitri The Avengers (2012) 00:02:06
Steve has a problem, Tony's sure he's the answer.
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