Vividcon 2018
2018 More of Nearly New

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 9 to 5 Trelkez Dolly Parton Supernatural 0:02:36 [link]
Castiel, on the job(s).
2 Fall In Love elipie Estelle feat. John Legend Victor Frankenstein 0:02:43 [link]
You were my best creation.
3 War Baby Gwen Frankenstien Tom Robinson Band Gods And Monsters 0:04:04 [link]
Wish I could see you once again, just to remember that it was true. For Bironic, Festivids 2017
4 Tightrope Anoel Janelle Monáe Black Panther 0:01:35
Watch us tip all on it
5 Black and Gold kuwdora Wallis Bird due South 0:02:56
for ride_4ever! <3
6 Cornflake Girl SE Tori Amos Watcher in the Woods 0:03:51 [link]
Spooky woods, a ghost, a solar eclipse, Bette Davis, and the multiverse.
7 Never Look Away AurumCalendula Vienna Teng The Handmaiden 0:03:33 [link]
I want your warm bright eyes/ to never look away/ don’t you ever look away
8 Pray be Silent and Join Me in a Dance theletterelle Shut Up and Dance With Me Walk the Moon Pride and Prejudice (1996) 0:03:02 [link]
To Lizzie he was only the man who made himself agreeable nowhere, and who had not thought her handsome enough to dance with.
9 My Immortal Predator bStro My Immortal Evanescence Predator 2 0:04:41 [link]
Danny Glover says he's too old for this 'ship.
10 Will You Meet Me Tomorrow? jarrow Untiled Tiger Lou The Other Love Story 0:02:02 [link]
You still ask me...
11 When I Go bironic Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer American Gods (TV) 0:04:04 [link]
And the wind will long recount the story, reverence and glory when I go
12 Avengers Get Ready niyalune People Get Ready The Frames Marvel Cinematic Universe 0:05:27 [link]
"And we have all the love in the world / To set alight, to set alight." Ensemble vid.
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