Vividcon 2012
2012 Professional Development

A vidshow about finding and testing one's limits on the job. Whether these characters are pursuing a dream, just trying to make it through, fighting the good fight, avoiding responsibility at all costs, discovering their destiny or changing it, what they experience on their professional paths profoundly affects their lives, personalities and relationships. VJ: renenet

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Window of Opportunity here's luck Maryn Cadell Wonderfalls 00:03:06 [link]
A sales clerk underachieves.
2 Fighting in a Sack f1renze The New Pornographers Chuck 00:02:35 [link]
A Nerd Herd supervisor becomes the Intersect
3 Tiny Dancer Charmax Ironik ft. Chipmunk & Elton John The Sound of Music 00:03:34 [link]
A novice governess takes a position in a difficult household.
4 Fancy Barkley Reba McEntire Stargate SG-1 00:03:57 [link]
An archaeologist/linguist must adapt when his research funding dries up
5 Tightrope sweetestdrain Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi Adam Lambert 00:03:30 [link]
A pop star is born.
6 Livin' on a Prayer AbsoluteDestiny Bon Jovi Rocky movies 00:03:51 [link]
A boxer lives for the fight.
7 Mistaken for Strangers Greensilver The National The Sentinel 00:02:50
An anthropologist loses his academic distance.
8 Never Better renenet P.O.S The Wire 00:03:14 [link]
An entrepreneur strives to get ahead.
9 Devotion Cherry Ice Tracy Chapman Life on Mars (UK) 00:02:48 [link]
A Detective Inspector rededicates himself to the job.
10 The Transported Man SDWolfpup Nux Vomica The Veils The Prestige 00:02:23 [link]
Magicians hone their craft.
11 I'm Not #@$*ing Around (The Free Will Blues) Lola I Want to Be Well Sufjan Stevens Supernatural 00:04:04 [link]
An Angel of the Lord changes course.
12 Mother Mary Eunice Joshua James China Beach 00:04:47 [link]
An army nurse asks not what her country can do for her.
13 Thistle and Weeds sisabet Mumford and Sons Game of Thrones 00:04:56 [link]
A khaleesi grows into herself.
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