Vividcon 2013
2013 Out of This World

Vids in spaaaaaace! A vidshow for fannish sources located in outer space, or concerned with space travel/exploration. Aliens, spaceships, and supernovas, oh my.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 To Touch the Face of God Destina Nasivern Pi E.S. Posthumus Multi 00:04:38 [link]
Reach for the stars.
2 Are You Out There? Rachel Dar Williams Contact 00:03:09 [link]
You might find someone is reaching back.
3 Gone meivocis M83 Sunshine 00:02:40 [link]
Someone, or ... something.
4 Stayin' Low! hollywoodgrrl Daily Daze (Bee Gees vs. Lil Jon vs. De La Soul) Alien movies 00:04:55 [link]
And, oh shit, it wants to kill you.
5 Gortoz A Ran Barkley Denez Prigent & Lisa Gerrard Stargate SG-1 00:03:59 [link]
But life elsewhere in the universe is much like our own.
6 Moving Right Along SDWolfpup The Muppets Farscape 00:03:08 [link]
You might find you make a good team.
7 Come On Charmax The Panderers Firefly/Serenity 00:02:45 [link]
Friends become family.
8 Apocalypse Lullaby Icepixie The Wailin' Jennys Babylon 5 00:04:04 [link]
And in the vastness of space, family is what keeps you strong.
9 Better Smeg than Dead Little Heaven I'll Be There For You The Rembrandts Red Dwarf 00:02:04 [link]
And sane. Mostly sane.
10 Jailbreak AbsoluteDestiny Thin Lizzy Star Wars 00:03:16 [link]
The universe has no boundaries, but plenty of rules. Break them.
11 Then the Morning Comes Eunice Smashmouth Galaxy Quest 00:03:04 [link]
That's when you'll discover who you truly are.
12 A Starfleet Story Reese N. What About Everything Carbon Leaf Star Trek TOS 00:03:47 [link]
Travel far and wide, and build a lifetime of memories...
13 Starships! bironic Nicki Minaj Multi 00:03:36 [link] your motherfucking badass spaceship.
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