Vividcon 2005
2005 Cops and Robbers

Slices of life from both sides of the law. VJ: Dorinda

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Opportunities Carol S, Killa and WOAD Society Pet Shop Boys Highlander None
Come with us to a parallel universe, in which our Immortal heroes have chucked it all to become sexy cat burglars.
2 So Pure Katharine and Pam Alanis Morissette Homicide: Life on the Street None
To Tim Bayliss, Frank Pembleton is a shining example of a man and a detective, especially when he's at work in The Box.
3 Witness Jo Sarah McLachlan EZ Streets None
Pretending to be dirty in order to find his partner's killer, Quinn find the trail leads to some very dark places.
4 When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down) Jill, Kay and Lynn C. Oysterband Once a Thief None
One's an ex-thief, one's an ex-cop...together, they fight crime!
5 Until the End of the World GF aka Gayle and Morgan Dawn U2 Point Break None
2005: And undercover cop meets a charismatic bank robber, and things get complicated.
6 Kate SDWolfpup Ben Folds Five Angel None
What's a nice girl like her doing in a job like this? Not being so nice, is what.
7 Losing My Religion GF aka Gayle and Tashery R.E.M. Wiseguy None
Vinnie's job seemed clear: infiltrate Sonny Steelgrave's operation and bring him down. But once he met Sonny, nothing was clear anymore.
8 Tumbling Dice gwyneth The Rolling Stones Ocean's 11 None
For Rusty, thievery isn't just a job--it's a lifestyle.
9 Temper of Revenge Mary Van Deusen Julia Ecklar Miami Vice None
Stan Switek and Larry Zito were Miami Vice's regular guys, ordinary squad members in the background...until the time came for them to take center stage in a tale of tragedy and vengeance.
10 Until It Sleeps P.R. Zed Metallica The Professionals None
The job exacts a price, pushing Doyle over the line from law enforcer to lawbreaker. When does the cost get too high?
11 The Chemicals Between Us Lierdumoa Bush Fast and the Furious None
Brian goes undercover to trap Dom, king of the racers and leader of thieves, but the lines between Good Guy and Bad Guy blur away when you're going a hundred miles an hour.
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