Vividcon 2004
2004 Couples, Triples, and Ensembles: Illustrating Relationships

Whether it's a cononical or noncanonical romantic relationship, a tight-knit group of comrades, or a battle between two archenemies, the power and energy that exists between people is often what draws us to a show. how do we capture that energy and distill it in such a way that the core of the relationship is communicated to a larger audience, who may not be that familiar with the source? Paired with panel. VJs: rache and Equanimity

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Get Over Yourself Apocalypse West and diannelamerc SheDaisy Witchblade None
Much as I love him, Ian is a freak. He's a big fat freak. Quite possibly the biggest freak in the whole wide world...
2 Paradise sisabet Richard Ashcroft Angel None
Angel has so much more to lose.
3 Kryptonite jmtorres 3 Doors Down Andromeda None
It's about Rhade. It's about a slew of epic things like loyalty and betrayal and tragic love. It's about Dylan trying to understand.
4 You've Got a Friend In Me Melina Randy Newman Highlander None
Some friendships live forever (original version).
5 Come On here's luck Tegan and Sara Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
"...tell me what my hands were made for/tell me what my mouth was made for..."
6 We Could Leave Right Now gwyneth Oysterband La Femme Nikita None
There is no such thing as "getting away together" in Section One.
7 Salome Killa and WOAD Society Cousteau Xena: Warrior Princess None
Ares wants, but can't have.
8 Feelin' All Right Kimera Len Power Rangers None
Their journey from misfits to heroes.
9 You're the One soappocrates Tracy Chapman Smallville None
Clark stands by his man.
10 A & B Song LithiumDoll Tom McRae Farscape None
Two Johns.
11 Spooky JKL & Friends, Jill and Kay Dusty Springfield The X-Files None
At least life with Mulder is never boring...
12 And As For You Carol S, Killa and WOAD Society Oysterband Highlander None
Kronos has a few things to say to Methos. Being dead is just a minor inconvenience.
13 Tainted Love Media Cannibals (Katharine, Pam) Soft Cell The X-Files None
A tale of woe.
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