Vividcon 2004
2004 Breaking the Rules (and Getting Away With It)

Vids that break the unwritten rules of vidding. External source, voiceovers, added text, use of black space, and other forbidden fruit. Paired with panel. VJ: Sandy Herrold

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Everybody Wants You Dacey Billy Squier NSYNC None
Life in the fishbowl.
2 Only the Good Die Young Killa and Merricat Kiernan Billy Joel Wiseguy None
We’re in denial. Sonny is not dead. Sonny lives forever.
3 It's Probably Me Jill and Kathy Sting L.A. Confidential None
Bud ponders.
4 Bob the Builder Chris aka Chris Harshman and Christina TV theme song Junkyard Wars None
Yes, he can!
5 Hazy Shade of Winter Apocalypse West and Chaos A Hazy Shade of Winter The Bangles Witchblade None
Time is weird in the Witchblade-verse. Season 1, as clearly as is possible.
6 Close to You Chicago Loop and tzikeh The Carpenters The X-Files None
Ah, Mulder. You can’t beat ’em off with a stick.
7 Don't Give Up LithiumDoll Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush Farscape None
A Farscape ghost story. Kinda.
8 Total Eclipse of the Heart Caren Parnes Bonnie Tyler Star Trek TOS None
Star Trek's greatest love story.
9 All Tomorrow's Parties Magpie The Velvet Underground & Nico Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
Drusilla and her relationships.
10 Possession Remi d'Brebant Sarah McLachlan The Sentinel None
Jim Ellison is a man caught behind emotional barriers built on past disappointments. The key is within reach…if he dares. This song called to me over and over, despite my own protestations about prior association. I borrow it with respect.
11 3-2-1-0 Big Big Truck Negativland Multi None
12 Polka Party Vid Weasels and Waldo. Weird Al Yankovic Multi None
Channel surfing, vidder style.
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