Vividcon 2018
2018 Chronology: Pre-VividCon to 2002

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Both Sides Now Kandy Fong Leonard Nimoy Star Trek TOS 0:02:55
One of the very first fannish vids as we know them, if not the first, made as a slideshow with stills.
2 Beep Beep Diana Barbour and Kendra Hunter The Playmates Starsky & Hutch 0:03:00
Using the home videotape recorders that became available in the '70s allowed vidders to put actual video over music.
3 Heartbreaker Deejay Pat Benatar The Professionals 0:03:34
Moving into the era of insert edits and flying erase heads: these allowed vidders to use shorter clips as well as other source.
4 Every Breath You Take Tashery and Jill The Police Blakes 7 0:04:13
Vids were expanding to a wider variety of techniques and styles as more people learned how to vid, and "aesthetics" of vidding teams developed.
5 Lives in the Balance Media Cannibals, Sandy and rache Jackson Browne Wiseguy 0:04:19
Just as editing capabilities were expanding, so too were vid themes, including using music and source for political commentary.
6 Full of Grace Justine Bennett and Morgan Dawn Sarah McLachlan due South 0:03:45
One more thing was expanding, too—the choice of fandoms exploded in the late '80s and '90s. Vid shows and tape collections were no longer big blocks of only two or three fandoms.
7 Patterns Cybel Harper Simon & Garfunkel The X-Files 0:02:47
Character study vids were a popular way to draw people into one of those new fandoms.
8 Hippie Boy Jo, Media Cannibals, Sandy and rache Caroline's Spine The Sentinel 0:04:00
Atmospheric clips and complex narratives had become much more common as costs for equipment fell and more people began vidding.
9 So Pure Katharine and Pam Alanis Morissette Homicide: Life on the Street 0:03:10
The use of different POVs, music choices, and editing for movement grew more and more sophisticated all the time.
10 She Cries Your Name gwyneth Beth Orton La Femme Nikita 0:04:05
Technology for VCR vidders was evolving, with equipment such as prosumer mixing decks allowing vidders to do things they never could before.
11 Don't Fear the Reaper Killa, Luminosity, Melina and WOAD Society Blue Oyster Cult Highlander 0:03:30
As computers got more powerful and editing software was available for home users, new vidders were editing exclusively on computers—though source was still off-air or videotape.
12 When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down) Jill, Kay and Lynn C. Oysterband Once a Thief 0:03:38
Around 2000, VCR vidders were making their final vids on editing decks; within a few years, we had all moved to computer vidding.
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