Vividcon 2006
2006 Wayback Machine

You'll see VCR vids! You'll see VCR vids about making VCR vids! The Wayback Machine provides a glimpse of the rich history of vidding, and also gives newer folks a chance to view vids they might not otherwise get to see. Warning: there may be a brief interpretive dance. Don't be afraid--culture is god for you! (P.S. not kidding about the interpretive dance.)

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Pressure California Crew, Odd Woman Out and Sterling Eidolan Billy Joel Meta and Vidding None
In the Beginning, Vidders Created the Heavens and the Earth.
2 Boy from New York City Solo Sojourns The Ad-Libs The Man from U.N.C.L.E. None
Rainbow noise, kickin' it old school. Ducky and Albert never looked so good.
3 The Masochism Tango JAC aka Judy Chien Tom Lehrer Batman Returns None
Some vidders begin to use internal movement to their advantage.
4 Roll to Me Nicole and Sandy Del Amitri due South None
A wonderful example of an entirely clean POV switch.
5 On the Street Where You Live Low Down Father Foolers Dennis DeYoung Lois and Clark None
Because it is the year of Superman--and a capella music. (What?!)
6 Play Me Backwards GF aka Gayle and Morgan Dawn Joan Baez Wiseguy None
The use of lyrics as metaphor gives this vid richness and power.
7 You're My Home Diana Williams Billy Joel Quantum Leap None
Quantum Leap, just for Ian. Also--AWWW!
8 Third Rock from the Sun California Crew Joe Diffie Multi None
One hint among many—Beverly Garland played Laura’s mom and Amanda’s mom.
9 Rishathra Chris aka Chris Harshman and Christina Ookia the Mok Galaxy Quest None
A song about a con, a vid about a con, being shown at a con! And now? Enjoy the con!
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