Vividcon 2016
2016 Wish You Were Here

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Touch the Sky Llin Julie Fowlis Multi 0:02:33 [link]
As strong as the seas are stormy, and proud as an eagle’s scream. Pre-teen girls rule the world.
2 Ain't No Grave (redux) AurumCalendula Ain't No Grave Crooked Still Person of Interest 0:03:21 [link]
Sameen has six lives left.
3 Our Version of Events silly cleo Read All About it, Pt III Emeli Sandé Pride (2014), Rent (2005) 0:04:43 [link]
There's no need to be afraid, I will sing with you, my friend.
4 Freedom frayadjacent Beyoncé Underground 0:02:52 [link]
Won't let my freedom rot in hell.
5 Wildest Dreams kaydeefalls Taylor Swift Multi 0:03:38 [link]
Someday when you leave me, I bet these memories follow you around. Literally, in some cases. (A multifandom Women In Refrigerators vid.)
6 Stars Align isagel Laleh Deutschland 83 0:03:39 [link]
Martin and Alex. Espionage, activism, love. And saving the world.
7 Wait For It toastyhat/Empty Feet Hamilton Cast Recording Avatar: the Last Airbender 0:02:32 [link]
I am the one thing in life I can control.
8 Grenade fiercynn and scribe Bruno Mars Multi 0:03:46 [link]
Otherwise known as: Sidekicks Don't Get The Love They Deserve
9 Firework happydork Katy Perry The Gymnast (2006) 0:03:01 [link]
You're gonna leave them all in awe.
10 Workin' It BrokenMnemonic Workin' Big Sno (feat. Alexander King) Magic Mike 0:03:35 [link]
That's the only way to make an honest day's pay.
11 Something Good (Will Come From That) sanguinity Would You Like To Take A Walk? The Sunshine Boys Multi Sherlock Holmes 0:03:15 [link]
One hundred years of moving pictures about Holmes and Watson.
12 Dance Apocalyptic eruthros and thingswithwings Janelle Monae Multi 0:03:38 [link]
I really really wanna thank you for dancing to the end.
13 Supernova Girl shinyjenni Zenon Multi 0:02:50 [link]
Zoom, zoom, zoom.
14 You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate beccatoria Zoey Van Goey Star Wars: The Force Awakens 0:02:36 [link]
Finn is drunk and on a ladder.
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