Vividcon 2015
2015 Challenge: Memory

All videos in this vidshow were premieres.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Knights of Cydonia bradcpu Muse Guardians of the Galaxy 00:04:12
Take my hand.
2 Sour Cherry kiki_miserychic The Kills The Losers 00:01:16
They're fun criminals!
3 Big Bright World sweetestdrain Garbage Luther 00:03:37 [link]
Rage against the dying. Or: Reader, I buried him.
4 Don't Swallow the Cap Trelkez The National Teen Wolf 00:03:48
I'm not alone.
5 (Dis)Closure Franzeska The Mirror Song Thomas Dolby Speed Racer 00:02:19
Speed finally stops chasing his brother's ghost. Funny thing...
6 Let's Start the Dance Valoise Bonannon Films of Alice Guy-Blaché 00:01:43
Filmmakers have been women from the beginning, we just forgot.
7 Bad Blood Milly Bad Blood vs, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift Buffy the Vampire Slayer 00:02:24 [link]
It used to be mad love.
8 Memories of the Heart Already Gone Shati Titus Jones Revolutionary Girl Utena 00:03:44 [link]
We were always meant to say goodbye.
9 IRM diannelamerc Charlotte Gainsbourg iZombie 00:02:35 [link]
Can you see a memory?
10 Madhouse Jetpack Monkey Little Mix Psychonauts 00:03:49 [link]
The mind is a terrible thing to face.
11 Afire Love Anoel Ed Sheeran The Normal Heart 00:05:08 [link]
You're not the only one
12 The Organization and the Assets echan I Know You Are But What Am I? Mogwai Multi 00:04:24 [link]
I know you are, but what am I?
13 Goaskinviellja astolat Marie Boine Thor 00:02:19 [link]
The ravens are flying.
14 I'll Never Break Your Heart Trelkez The Backstreet Boys Merlin (BBC) 00:02:31
You thought you'd never love again...
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