Vividcon 2009
2009 You Crack Me Up: Humor and Crack Vids

We're in it for the lulz! This show is all about the funny--our goal is to have you rolling in the aisles from this collection of humourous, outrageous, and cracky vids. (And if we make people outside the room wonder if we're collectively losing it from all the laughter they're hearing, we'll consider it a job well done.) Paired with panel. VJs: talitha78 & svmadelyn

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 The Slash Llama Song wyomingnot The Llama Song Burton Earny Multi None
Llama slash. Nuff said.
2 Jolene Zoe Rayne The White Stripes Stargate Atlantis None
STOP TAKING RODNEY’S MAN. Excellent use of repeated cross-fades.
3 Tragedy Dualbunny Bee Gees Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
Emo Spike + cheesy special effects = comedy gold.
4 The Smartest People in the World sache8 Tubthumping Chumbawumba The West Wing None
Fantastic use of physical humor and a beloved Sesame Street character.
5 Fun with Real Audio: Girlie Edition maichan Cyndi Lauper, James Horner, Coming to America, Team America J2 and Supernatural None
To quote the vidder: CRACKITY CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!
6 Beverly Hills Gianduja Kiss Weezer Merlin (BBC) None
Camelot as Beverly Hills. It so works.
7 White Rabbit starcrossedgirl Jefferson Airplane Star Trek TOS None
This one's especially funny because, you know, it makes a rather good point.
8 I Kissed a Girl bop_radar Jill Sobule Smallville None
Clark kissed a girl. No, Lex doesn't like it. Seriously, who knew Clark had managed to kiss this many girls? And, seriously, how awesome is this vidder for giving this song new meaning?
9 Whatever Luminosity, WOAD Society and sisabet My West Hollywood Lifestyle, Whatever T-Ball and BJ Angel None
Best use of a fire hydrant ever.
10 What Goes Around Fabella What Goes Around...Comes Around Justin Timberlake Heroes None
Cause vids that are Serious Business can be hysterical, too. Stalkery Timberlake + Sylar = OTP.
11 Anything the Doctor Can Do jagwriter78 and rhoboat Anything You Can Do John Barrowman and Ruthie Henshall Doctor Who (2005) None
Brilliant and hilarious use of lipsynching.
12 Fancy Barkley Reba McEntire Stargate SG-1 None
As if Daniel Jackson would let us down. It takes a little bit of time to understand what you’re seeing unfold, but when you do, you settle in for the ride.
13 Supernatural (In My Pants) Deirdre C. Jizz in My Pants The Lonely Island Supernatural None
We looked in this vid's eyes from across the room and it whispered "crack; I'm delicious crack."
14 Forever Fuzz Jescaflowne Glory of Love Peter Cetera Hot Fuzz None
Now that's a man that would fight for your honor. Peter Cetera makes you an automatic candidate for this playlist, but you've got to have the cute British cops to take it home.
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