Vividcon 2012
2012 Let's Put On a Show

From telling a story to putting on a full performance, this vidshow explores source that relates to theater, show business and all the behind the scenes shenanigans! VJ: Milly

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Love Today Boom-Queen Mika The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert 00:02:38 [link]
The whole world's a stage.
2 MoneyGrabber kiki_miserychic Fitz and the Tantrums Smash 00:03:09
Make it big or go home.
3 Hot in Herre sweetestdrain Nelly Cabaret 00:02:54 [link]
Come hear the music play, life is a cabaret.
4 They Want More bironic I Want More (from Lestat, the Musical) Elton John Jurassic Park movies 00:03:32 [link]
Sometimes, it's about what you hear, not what you see. Sometimes, it's also about dinosaurs.
5 Manipulation Kitty Group 1 Crew K-Pop 00:03:53 [link]
They've got the moves, they've got the look. Resistance is futile.
6 Between Two Points itsforscience The Glitch Mob Bandom 00:02:14 [link]
Let's give them something to talk about...
7 Mama obsessive24 Genesis Hamlet (RSC 2009) 00:04:10 [link]
A classical play gets a modern treatment.
8 The Most Lamentable Comedy of Richard-Smith Jones isiscolo All Star Smash Mouth Slings and Arrows 00:02:46 [link]
From behind the curtain, it's all of the work, none of the glory.
9 A Message For You kaydeefalls A Day Like Today Tom McRae Big Fish 00:03:45 [link]
Every night, Ed Bloom put on a show for his son. Who said bedtime stories weren't real?
10 Let the Sun Fall Down chasa Kim Richey Friday Night Lights 00:03:42 [link]
One town, one team, one heart. When the spotlights come on, nothing else matters.
11 Dude, Run! Little Heaven Somebody's Watching Me Rockwell Ghost Hunters 00:02:52 [link]
Maybe it's ghosts... but it's probably just the cameras.
12 Running Away AbsoluteDestiny The Polyphonic Spree Son of Rambow 00:04:03 [link]
A summer of friendship and pure imagination.
13 The Royal We bradcpu Silversun Pickups The Hunger Games 00:04:35
We die for your entertainment, but we won't go quietly.
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