Vividcon 2007
2007 Best of Media West

It's the best of Media West 2007! VJs: Abby, Dianne T. DeSha, and Lizbetann

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Gimme Dat Ding Chris aka Chris Harshman and Christina The Pipkins Futurama None
The adventures of an intergalactic garbage disposal.
2 Stuck in the Middle Wolfpup Stuck in the Middle With You Stealers Wheel Supernatural None
Saving people, hunting things. It's a strange life, but someone has to do it. (Do it. Not do Dean. No, really, Dean.)
3 Only Love Apocalypse West and Perri Sophie B. Hawkins The Mummy movies None
Love can save the world--or destroy it.
4 The Hamster Dance Stampede Productions unknown Multi None
All right, everybody, clap your hands, get up and do the Hamster Dance. (Not the Hampster Dance. Hamster has no "P". Really.
5 Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Waldo. Drowning Pool Stargate Atlantis None
*crash* Ronon works out his aggression. *splat* He has a lot of aggression to work out. *bang*
6 Sing, Sing, Sing Abby and Apocalypse West Benny Goodman Multi None
And then Teal'c took off his shirt.
7 The Journey GF aka Gayle and Morgan Dawn Loreena McKennitt The Lord of the Rings None
Take me with you on this journey where the bondaries of time are now tossed.
8 She Blinded Me With Science Chris aka Chris Harshman and Christina Thomas Dolby NCIS None
The high-tech world of Abby-freaks-them-out. Not that she needs technology to do it, mind you.
9 Prelude 12-21 Wolfpup Prelude 12/21 AFI Supernatural None
This is Sam Winchester's lullaby.
10 Pokemon Theme Stampede Productions unknown Heroes None
Gotta list them all?
11 Lonesome Day Apocalypse West and Perri Bruce Springsteen Justice League Unlimited None
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies. Superhero friends help you move mountains.
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