Vividcon 2011
2011 Setting: It's Where You Are

Dense forests, labyrinthine prisons, long hallways, sprawling vistas, the streets of Rome ... every vid contains setting -- the place and time in which our characters find themselves -- but most often our focus lies elsewhere. This vidshow will focus on vids that use these specific elements of setting (rooms, structures, landscapes, etc.) to carry major symbolic, emotional, or narrative weight. VJ: sweetestdrain

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Ghost of a Shark SE Tom McRae The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford None
Intercutting landscape and shadowed rooms with the quiet interplay between Jesse James and Robert Ford adds to the vid's overall sense of regret and longing.
2 Needs tearful eye Empty Amanda Ghost Multi None
Setting is one of the elements (together with movement and color) used to link several women and their separate narratives.
3 Icebound Stream sisabet Laura Viers due South None
External source of glaciers and wilderness is used to depict Fraser's own unique view of his relationship with Victoria.
4 Caged Bird Luminosity Unkle ft. Katrina Ford Last Year at Marienbad None
Walls, hallways, and mirrors form a surrealistic cage for the characters in this film.
5 Break the Night with Color Eunice Richard Ashcroft Doctor Who None
Details of Van Gogh's surroundings not only bring this famous artist to life, but also highlight the deep emotional connections being made between the characters.
6 Compass Points newkidfan Comfortable Mystery Kevin MacLeod Stargate Atlantis None
The construction of new, surreal settings works to alter the story told by what might be, in their original context, familiar clips.
7 Anomie Charmax People Are Strange (Infected Mushroom Mix) The Doors Sherlock None
London serves as the framework for this perspective on societal dysfunction (and also serves as a character in its own right).
8 Recalled to Life bironic Vintervalsen Filarfolket The Secret Garden None
Here, shots of setting parallel the growth of the garden with the gradual growth and rebirth of the characters who tend it.
9 Monochrome sweetestdrain Yann Tiersen Carnivale None
Narrative and emotional tone are heavily informed by the setting of the Dust Bowl.
10 Ragged Ass Road f1renze Tom Cochrane Prison Break None
Michael navigates interior spaces and divisions while quite literally embodying his prison.
11 In Your Eyes Lynn C. Oysterband Stargate SG-1 None
An exploration into the vastness of space—and desire.
12 All We Have here's luck Love Is All We Have Jesca Hoop Treme None
Pairing a song and a show that both depict life in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, this vid paints a gorgeous portrait of a place using the people that call it home.
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