Vividcon 2018
2018 Chronology: 2011 – 2014

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Music Again f1renze Adam Lambert Karate Kid I & II 0:02:52
First lesson: wax on, wax off
2 Land of Confusion Destina and Barkley Disturbed V (1983) 0:03:17
All of this has happened before
3 High Voltage kuwdora Linkin Park SGA/SG-1/SGU 0:03:24
All of this keeps happening again
4 Raspberry Swirl SE Tori Amos Suspiria 0:03:30 [link]
She swirls and she swirls
5 Dead and Gone Anoel tiffyiffyiffy Game of Thrones 0:03:44 [link]
But the new her will be alright
6 The Lightning Strike obsessive24 Snow Patrol Multi 0:04:43 [link]
They come in threes
7 Scream & Shout rhoboat, ft. Britney Spears Assassin's Creed 0:04:15
Bring the action
8 Sweet Ophelia Trelkez Zella Day Hannibal (2013 series) 0:03:08
Up, up away
9 I'm No Superman dragonchic Superman Lazlo Bane Lego Batman: DC Superheroes 0:02:46
Just take a hold of the hand that breaks the fall
10 Instantly Kass Intro The XX Welcome to Night Vale 0:01:49
Falling in love
11 Slippery Slope hollywoodgrrl The Dø Fringe 0:02:44 [link]
Falling down the rabbit hole
12 ***Flawless kiki_miserychic Beyoncé featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Disney Princesses 0:04:19 [link]
Ladies, tell 'em
13 Fun Lovin' Criminals Zeneyepirate Fun Lovin' Criminals Leverage 0:03:13
Everybody smile
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