Vividcon 2002
2002 Character Study

Showcasing vids that explore individual characters by focusing on a story arc, highlighting an internal struggle, or otherwise examining a particular side of them.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Big Man on Mulberry Street Laura Shapiro Billy Joel due South None
A valentine for Ray Vecchio fans.
2 Desert Rose Apocalypse West Sting Stargate SG-1 None
Daniel & Sha're's romance, from the movie through the third season.
3 What If I Stumble Still Reeling DC Talk The West Wing None
This vid focuses on the president and the line he walks between church and state, as a Catholic who struggles with his role as leader and public servant.
4 Mi Vida Loca California Crew Pam Tillis Remington Steele None
"The great detective, Remington Steele? He doesn't exist. I invented him. Follow."
5 So Pure Katharine and Pam Alanis Morissette Homicide: Life on the Street None
The metaphor of interrogation for dancing seemed obvious, as the uses of interrogation are at the center of both the show and Frank Pembleton's character.
6 Ice Apocalypse West and Plague Sarah McLachlan Angel None
Kate Lockley's life after she met Angel. A visual look at the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times."
7 Epiphany Angie, Dementia, Ink. and Jennifer Staind X-Men None
A look inside Logan's mind.
8 Sweet Surrender bunniqula Sarah McLachlan Oz None
Kareem Said once mentioned he was black, Muslim, and a man, and that these things sometimes warred with each other. This vid explores this and his relationship with Tobias Beecher.
9 Women of Steel Marigold and Vid Weasels Meg Davis Babylon 5 None
Being a warrior is all well and good, but if that's all you have, what do you do when the war's over? A portrait of two fierce women.
10 Wrapped around Your Finger Luminosity and WOAD Society The Police The X-Files None
11 History Repeating Killa, Luminosity and WOAD Society The Propellerheads, with Shirley Bassey Highlander None
Amanda has seen everything and done everything, but has never lost her joie de vivre. Made for Taselby, who had the original idea.
12 Kinda I Want To sockii Nine Inch Nails Brimstone None
Ezekiel Stone and the temptations he struggles against--namely, the devil himself.
13 Not Your Girl JAWS Bree Sharp Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
Femslash. Faith wishes Buffy had met someone else.
14 Mean Mr. Mustard Jackie K and WOAD Society The Beatles Farscape None
Rygel shows his true colors.
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