Vividcon 2010
2010 Sexuality

Like it says on the label, a show made up of vids about sex. VJ: Cassandra

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Need newkidfan Dawna Morphine Merlin (BBC) None
Sex is ... a look.
2 Take It Off Greensilver The Donnas Multi None
Sex is ... empowerment and agency.
3 Boom Boom Ba Charmax Metisse Xena: Warrior Princess None
Sex is ... a dance.
4 Paparazzi kuwdora Lady Gaga Real Person None
Sex is ... breaking the fourth wall. (Eli Roth/fangirls)
5 Baby sisabet Imperial Teen Smallville None
Sex is ... confusing -- too bad there's no Kryptonian Our Bodies, Ourselves.
6 Forgive Us Our Trespasses Melissa Certainty (remix'd) Piano Magic Supernatural None
Sex is ... forbidden.
7 Tarantulove KRIM Hawksley Workman Secretary None
Sex is ... getting what you need.
8 She Wants to Move Astarte N.E.R.D. The X-Files None
Sex is ... Special Agent Dana Scully.
9 Kinneysis Reese Incognito Enigma Queer As Folk (US) None
Sex is ... clubbing, drugs, and promiscuity.
10 I'm Not a Virgin Anymore Luminosity Not a Virgin Poe Highlander None
Sex is ... experience.
11 Deeper and Deeper hollywoodgrrl Dave Gahan Legend of the Seeker None
Sex is ... power, possession, and pain.
12 Many Hands such heights Slow Lynch Sebastien Tellier Multi None
Sex is ... touch.
13 Climbing up the Walls obsessive24 Radiohead Firefly, Heroes and Supernatural None
Sex is ... a destructive intimacy.
14 Hurricane Laura Shapiro Joan Osborne Battlestar Galactica (2003) and Farscape None
Sex is ... pilots and the art of the one-night stand.
15 Closer (For Jamie) kiki_miserychic Closer String Quartet Tribute to Nine Inch Nails Multi None
Sex is ... porn, voyeurism, and vidding.
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