Vividcon 2016
2016 Spoken Audio in Vids

A selection of vids with dialogue-focused audio use, which are somewhat atypical to the VVC audience. There’s a large variety, like the reading of a poem, voiceovers, scenes, AUs, spoken word, crack vids, vines, public domain audio, and stand up comedy. Sometimes used to give context to dialogue, as verbal exposition paired with past visuals, to pay off foreshadowing paired with the later footage, to make subtext text, with auto tune, and more.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 The Unbreakable Furiosa Albert Lopez Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Opening Theme Jeff Richmond and Mike Britt Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Mad Max: Fury Road 0:01:30 [link]
Audio and video from the full length Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song and Mad Max: Fury Road
2 Multifandom | Dying is an art [TYS] Vasilisk Basilisk Lady Lazarus and Back in Black Slyvia Plath and Amy Winehouse Multi 0:01:09 [link]
Audio from Sylvia Plath poem reading and Amy Winehouse song with many visual sources and an additional audio quote
3 Multifandom || Is this Real? Grable424 No One's Here to Sleep Naughty Boy ft. Bastille Multi 0:02:42 [link]
Audio from various sources used transformatively with visuals
4 dreaming/dying [Doctor Who] by pingvi Butterfly Effect Hi-Finesse Doctor Who 0:01:25 [link]
Single source for audio and visuals, using specific emotional theme of fear
5 Mistakes | Multifandom eemersonm Mistakes haimin Multi 0:03:15 [link]
Multiple sources for audio and visuals that transform the individual sources into a sum greater than its parts
6 liar | Sherlock BBC KatrinDepp A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist Saltillo Sherlock (BBC) 0:01:40 [link]
Single source for audio and visuals used to illustrate character and relationships
7 Your Mother ghost lingering If I Should Have A Daughter Sarah Kay Saga 0:01:28 [link]
Spoken word poem audio paired with comic book visual source
8 Agent Carter - CRACK Jenna'sFlute various various Agent Carter 0:02:19 [link]
Single visual source with sound effects and outside audio sources for humorous effect
9 Norma bates | jordan belfort she's my fave ; i can't even immortality ; Jordan Belfort Wes Walker featuring Dyl Bates Motel 0:00:11 [link]
Vine edit (shown looped twice) using various character quotes
10 Silver/Flint [Black Sails] || lonely boy voordeel Lonely Boy The Black Keys Black Sails 0:02:07 [link]
Single source for audio and visuals paired with creative titles for humorous effect
11 Tomorrow -14: Reckless Driving beccatoria & cyborganize Stop Driving Us Crazy! Howard Morris and Benny Golson with Art Blackey and His Jazz Messengers Battlestar Galactica 0:01:04 [link]
Audio from public domain
12 Dean "daddy's blunt little instrument" [to Virginia] Alina0405video They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light This Will Destroy You Supernatural 0:02:33 [link]
Dialogue from single source used to create a character study and to illustrate audio POV and subjectivity
13 LOST Season 5-Hurley tells the truth djcprod Score from Lost Michael Giacchino Lost 0:02:02 [link]
Expositional monologue paired with additional clips from the source to further illustrate the visuals presented in the audio
14 What's a soulmate? | Arthur & Eames Fake Tenderness Raein Ólafur Arnalds Inception 0:01:16 [link]
Dialogue from Dawson's Creek applied to Inception and paired with outside sources to create a fan created Unrealized Reality
15 Multifandom || My hands are not my own [TYS] HoneyMonsterNoNo Broken and Falling Out of Heaven Break Of Reality and Colin Morgan Multi 0:02:17 [link]
Audiobook excerpt visually interpreted using various visual sources
16 Does This Darkness Have a Name ? ........... BingoRock16 Score from One Tree Hill John Nordstrom and Chad Michael Murray The Lion King 0:01:45 [link]
Audio from One Tree Hill monologue with visuals from The Lion King
17 Hannibal Lecter || Bedelia Du Maurier - Until we sick missy Fleming Red Right Hand PJ Harvey Hannibal (NBC) 0:01:13 [link]
Main visual source and audio used to create an Alternate Universe vid with audio and visual source from actress/actor's additional filmography
18 one way or another Nialies One Way or Another Until The Ribbon Breaks Person of Interest 0:03:28 [link]
Dialogue and audio from single source used to create a relationship and individual characters study and visual cues effecting audio qualities
19 Hunt You Down - Game Of Thrones jess9191 Hunt You Down The Hit House feat. Ruby Friedman Game of Thrones 0:04:12 [link]
Single audio and visual source used to make subtext visually rendered and to visually represent foreshadowing when it is later completed within the source
20 Filmography 2013 Gen Ip Remember Execute Forget, Conquest of Spaces, Vision Vision, Vision Vision (R/D remix), Rise, The Way You Remember Me Nine Leaves, Woodkid, Loyal Divide, John Dreamer, and St. Lucia Multi 0:07:03 [link]
Audio and visuals from films of 2013 used with multiple audio methods (this vid had EVERYTHING)
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