Vividcon 2013
2013 Premieres

All videos in this vidshow were premieres.

Premieres, First Half

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 2013 Premieres Intro Jetpack Monkey Elk Hunt Trevor Jones Multi 00:00:55
2 All Star Muppet Revue Cherry Ice All Star Smash Mouth The Muppets 00:03:27
All that glitters is gold.
3 I'm No Superman dragonchic Superman Lazlo Bane Lego Batman: DC Superheroes 00:02:46
Cheer up, sourpuss.
4 Surrenderer Greensilver Empires The Vampire Diaries 00:03:42
"I miss you, too."
5 In the Hole Kass Steve Earle Ripper Street 00:01:41
When you walk through the garden, gotta watch your back.
6 Slippery Slope Jetpack Monkey The Dø The Wicker Man (1973) 00:02:50
Sgt. Howie comes to Summerisle in search of a missing girl.
7 Past the Feeling Anoel The Suburbs Mr. Little Jeans Once Upon a Time 00:04:44
Sometimes I can’t believe it, I’m moving past the feeling.
8 Hope on Fire Shati Vienna Teng Queen Seondeok 00:03:45
A game of thrones.
9 Stuff is Way Valoise They Might Be Giants Memento 00:01:41
For Leonard, memory and life are both transitory and unreliable.
10 When I Ruled the World astolat Viva La Vida Coldplay Person of Interest 00:03:18
Be my mirror, my sword and shield.
11 We R Who We R hellpenguin Ke$ha Lost Girl and Sherlock 00:03:24
Hot and dangerous.
12 Our House mresundance CSNY Little Miss Sunshine 00:03:17
Our house is a very very very fine house.
13 Graceless sweetestdrain The National Spartacus (2010) 00:03:47
I am not my rosy self.
14 Supremacy rhoboat Muse James Bond 00:05:00
Unsung and lost, invisible to history.
15 Sleeping Ute AbsoluteDestiny Grizzly Bear Life of Pi 00:04:28
But I can't help myself.
16 Omega echan Stone Sour Fight Club 00:02:54
What a skeletal wreck of man this is.
17 Firework butterfly Katy Perry Supernatural 00:03:54
Dean Winchester and the little sister he never (knew) he wanted -- sometimes learning about other people is the best way to learn about yourself.
18 When He Cries Barkley John Gorka The X-Files 00:01:13
Mulder's life is hard.

Premieres, Second Half

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 On Top of the World Settiai Imagine Dragons Rise of the Guardians 00:02:43
Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly.
2 We're All Missing Mama Lola The Police and the Private Metric Peter Pan (1924) 00:03:57
You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you, Peter Pan. That's where I'll be waiting.
3 Cosmic Love Cienna Florence + the Machine Batman: Under the Red Hood 00:04:16
But then it stopped and I was in the darkness, so darkness I became.
4 Sorrow Destina Ardaigh Cuan Anuna The Eagle 00:01:59
This is the story of Esca MacCunoval, and of all the Britons who rebelled against Rome.
5 Who Needs Sleep? kiki_miserychic Barenaked Ladies Elementary 00:03:48
Forget Sherlock, Irene, and Moriarty. Forget being a sober companion and a consulting detective. Joan Watson just wants to get some sleep.
6 Retrograde Luminosity James Blake Beasts of the Southern Wild 00:03:46
Everybody loses the thing that made them. It's even how it's supposed to be in nature. The brave men stay and watch it happen. They don't run. - Hushpuppy
7 Dyin' Day Killa Anais Mitchell The Hunger Games 00:03:14
"There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire."
8 Run Boy Run hollywoodgrrl Woodkid Game of Thrones 00:03:32
"Girls see more blood than boys." - Ygritte
9 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want Joyo and AbsoluteDestiny The Smiths Multi 00:01:56
Isn't there a better way?
10 No Direction Home isjustprogress I Am Kloot Lost 00:02:36
The story of James "Sawyer" Ford. Tiger don't change his stripes. Or does he?
11 Red Rain gwyneth Peter Gabriel Miami Vice 00:04:31
Sonny Crockett's life is just one long terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.
12 Captain Kidd Franzeska Great Big Sea Haven 00:02:50
"All right, then, I'll go to hell."
13 Some Nights Flummery fun. Person of Interest 00:04:21
Team Machine
14 Victory Dance sisabet My Morning Jacket Teen Wolf 00:04:11
My good work.
15 The Polka Slayer Milly and bradcpu Polka Power Weird Al Yankovic Buffy the Vampire Slayer 00:04:23
Into every generation a polka is born.
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