Vividcon 2006
2006 Vid as Collage: Using Additional Source

Traditionally, the use of outside source--clips from outside the show or shows being vidded, or deleted scenes or gag reels--has been considered bad form by some viewers and vidders. Though many folks believe it's a no-go, many believe such elements can be great when used wisely. We'll watch some vids that do. VJ: gwyneth

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Too Long a Soldier Deejay Pat Benetar The Professionals None
By employing footage from news, documentaries, and films, the vidder creates an intense character study of what war has done to one man.
2 Whatever Luminosity, WOAD Society and sisabet My West Hollywood Lifestyle, Whatever T-Ball and BJ Angel None
Stock clips like trains in tunnels and gushing hydrants have never been used to such humorous effect.
3 Post Blue obsessive24 Placebo Firefly None
Graphics and text created out of elements of the story for River and Simon emphasize their histories and states of mind.
4 The Man Song Jo, Media Cannibals, Sandy and rache Sean Morey The Sentinel None
A rare (at that time) use of blooper-reel clips to enhance the jokes in the vid.
5 Icebound Stream sisabet Laura Viers due South None
A sustained metaphor using footage of polar bears from a nature documentary, which meshes seamlessly with the history of the main characters.
6 Opportunities Carol S, Killa and WOAD Society Pet Shop Boys Highlander None
Blooper reel clips help create an alternate-universe characterization for Highlander.
7 Testify Justine Bennett and Morgan Dawn Melissa Etheridge Starsky & Hutch None
News coverage of police situations underscores the world that Starsky and Hutch live in.
8 Still Preoccupied with 1985 Suberunker Studios 1985 Bowling for Soup Azumanga Daioh and Multi None
Witty play of clips from a number of other anime fandoms portray the song, as well as riffing on pop culture and anime vidding itself.
9 Closer Killa, T. Jonesy and WOAD Society Nine Inch Nails Star Trek TOS None
The vidders complement the heightened altered reality with careful use of porn shots, adding even more tension and eroticism.
10 Language Carol S and WOAD Society Suzanne Vega Stargate SG-1 None
Layers of text and superimposed art create a backdrop counterpoint to a song about the difficulty of communicating.
11 Passion (The Feeling Begins) East By Northeast and astolat Passion Peter Gabriel Highlander None
Other projects by the actors, as well as outside video source, create a texture that maps to a fanfic epic.
12 6 Underground gwyneth Sneaker Pimps La Femme Nikita None
Creepy, Möbius-like clips from a new-season ad campaign emphasize the nature of Nikita’s captivity in Section 1.
13 Flying Home Morgan Dawn Flying Home (from the Road to Perdition soundtrack) Thomas Newman due South None
Nature-documentary material connects Fraser to the environment he longs to return to.
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