Vividcon 2018
2018 Premieres

All videos in this vidshow were premieres.

Premieres, part one

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Intro Vid 2018 AbsoluteDestiny Multi Vividcon Premieres Multi 0:02:16
2 Bright Lights sisabet Gary Clark Jr. Supernatural 0:05:24
I went up a different person, came down somebody else
3 Blood // Water maristu Grandson Black Panther 0:03:08
What's your alibi?
4 even if it hurts pollyrepeat Even if It Hurts Sam Tinnesz Star Wars 0:03:58
It's darkest before the dawn.
5 Champion beerbad Fall Out Boy Wynonna Earp 0:03:12
"You're wrong, Wynonna. You're the best of us."
6 Life Changes elipie Good Charlotte Spider-Man (MCU) 0:02:59
I keep on trying to fly
7 High Five Jayne L. Dragonette People of Earth 0:02:41
You got a job; you made a friend. High five!
8 Blow shati Blow (Cirkut remix, remixed) Kesha Dragon Age II 0:03:46
Anyway, here's Kirkwall.
9 Our Ghost skygiants Some Nights fun. Chicago Typewriter 0:04:24
Reincarnation is just a chance to write your own fix-it fic.
10 if not by faith absternr Hebrews 11:40 The Mountain Goats Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 0:02:42
I'm gonna get my perfect body back someday.
11 Nightswimming seekingferret R.E.M. Fringe 0:04:14
Olivia/Tank OTP
12 Velouria AbsoluteDestiny The Bad Plus Mulholland Drive 0:04:43
Hopes, dreams, and love in Hollywood's neverending story.
13 The Moth and the Flame Luminosity Les Deux Love Orchestra Hannibal 0:03:49
Persistence and endurance will make you omnipotent. - Casey Neistat
14 I Did Something Bad jarrow Taylor Swift Killing Eve 0:03:46
It just felt so good. (Spoilers for all of season 1)
15 Head Is Not My Home AurumCalendula MS MR Atomic Blonde 0:03:33
Secrets lie in our wake.
16 Team theletterelle Lorde The Hunger Games 0:03:20
You can't survive the Hunger Games on your own.
17 Sing! Laura Shapiro Pentatonix Sense8 0:02:53 [link]
Kindness is sexy.
18 Ave Que Emigra fiercynn Gaby Moreno Multi 0:03:31
Vengo desde muy lejos.
19 This Is Us Diana Williams This is Me Keala Settle & Cast of "The Greatest Showman" Yuri!!! On Ice 0:03:54
We are brave, we are bruised, and this is who we're meant to be.

Premieres, part two

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Change You Like A Remix bessyboo The Phoenix Fall Out Boy The LEGO Franchise 0:04:12
No, I think it looked a little better on me.
2 Gimme More Linzee Style Britney Spears Marvel Cinematic Universe/Captain America 0:02:57
I see you and I just want to dance with you.
3 Blow (Deconstructed) kiki_miserychic Blow Kesha Supernatural, Wayward Sisters 0:04:18
Tonight we're taking names cuz we don't fuck around
4 One Bad Habit Lierdumoa E. Awai Killing Eve 0:02:59
Villanelle has done nothing wrong ever in her life.
5 House of Mercy rhoboat Sarah Jarosz Serenity/Rogue One 0:04:36
That knock gets louder all the time.
6 Hard Times starlady Paramore The Good Fight 0:03:01
Nevertheless, she persisted.
7 I'm a Lady Kitty aka Winterevanesce I'm a Lady x Bang Bang (Mashup) Meghan Trainor Betch! 0:03:11
"All my girls, show them you're a lady"
8 Style tbm Taylor Swift Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore) 0:02:50
Sex, death, and flesh-eating zombies
9 Crashed Settiai Daughtry due South 0:02:18
"Then I crashed into you / And I went up in flames"
10 Visions of Gideon Anoel Sufjan Stevens Multi 0:03:33
Is it a video?
11 European GhostTownExit Lydia Loveless GLOW 0:04:37
You can't kick me out while I'm still reeling.
12 Johnny Get Your Gun Gwen Frankenstien Entertain Sleater-Kinney Bruce McDonald films 0:04:51
Reality is the new fiction, they say.
13 Black Sun Joyo Death Cab for Cutie Hannibal (TV) 0:04:49
A man in an uncomfortable chair takes a moment to reflect on how he got there.
14 Light into Darko bStro Collapse the Light into Earth Porcupine Tree Donnie Darko 0:04:28
Some things are meant to happen, just not meant to be.
15 Synesthesia bethofalltrades Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Star Wars 0:04:20
The belonging you seek is not behind you - it is ahead.
16 Wrecking Ball Jetpack Monkey Miley Cyrus X-Men 0:03:25
Love Overpowering
17 Ball gags, brownie mix, and clown porn Franzeska Flashdance... What a Feeling Irene Cara Deadpool 0:03:59
I have a lot of feelings
18 Now That's What I Call Z Nation! SDWolfpup Now That's What I Call Polka! Weird Al Yankovic Z Nation 0:04:02
The men of Z Nation have got the apocalypse locked down. Sort of.

Premieres, part three

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Eternity hollywoodgrrl IAMX Star Wars 0:04:22
End of an era.
2 Thousand Eyes thuvia ptarth Of Monsters and Men Nirvana in Fire | 琅琊榜 | Lángyá Bǎng 0:03:46
Mei Changsu carries the burden of hope for seventy thousand souls.
3 Hero here's luck Ces Cru feat. Mackenzie Nicole Black Panther 0:03:46
Someone who's always strong.
4 Deeper Well sweetestdrain Emmylou Harris Supernatural 0:04:18
Burned so hot I thought I'd died.
5 Bridges Burn Jill, Kathy, Kay Paul Otten Rejseholdet (Unit One) 0:03:32
6 Here Is A Heart bradcpu Here Is a Heart Jenny Owen Youngs PRS/SS 0:03:50
Battered and braised, grilled and sauteed. Mia/Emily
7 Liar Butterfly I'm Not Calling You a Liar Florence + The Machine Steven Universe 0:03:19
The ghost in Pearl's heart.
8 Never Look Away Lola Vienna Teng Yuri!!! on Ice 0:03:33
Somebody ought to corrupt you on the dance floor//And take you home
9 Can't Stop Feeling teyla Franz Ferdinand Kingsman 0:02:56
When Harry met Eggsy ... he'd finally found a fellow adrenaline junkie who shared his fancy taste in fashion. You have to look your best when you go after bad guys, after all. Action vid!
10 Cups (When I'm Gone) diannelamerc Anna Kendrick Doctor Who (2005) 0:02:05
It's River. He'll never not miss her...
11 Tilted Dar Christine and the Queens The Good Place 0:04:24
I am actually good, can't help it if we're tilted.
12 Marching Through the Wilderness Killa and Mrs. Killa David Byrne Despicable Me 0:03:55
Being a super villain is easy. Being a dad? That's another story.
13 Friends in Low Places eunice and sisabet Garth Brooks Supernatural 0:04:16
all your friends are dead
14 Back to You Trelkez Twin Forks A Wrinkle in Time 0:02:50
But it was still not possible to think about her father without the danger of tears. Only her mother could talk about him in a natural way, saying, "When your father gets back--"
15 Seven Years Cherry Ice 7 Years Lukas Graham Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra 0:03:57
We're all living together, even if most folks don't act like it. We all have the same roots and we are all branches of the same tree.
16 May I Suggest Nestra Susan Werner Harry Potter 0:03:33
This time is blessed and shining, almost blinding bright.
17 Photograph Milly Ed Sheeran Coco 0:04:19
Remember me.
18 Dream gwyneth Angela McCluskey Multi 0:03:54
Farewell, Vividcon, and thank you for 16 wonder-full years.
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