Vividcon 2007
2007 Daughter of Experimental Vids: Where the Hell's the Box?

The very first year of VividCon, there was the Experimental Vids show! This year, we look at how vidders have been painting outside the lines since 2002, showcasing vids that stand out for unusual style or technique, that take risks and experiment with effects, storytelling techniques, music, etc. VJ: elynross

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Vertigo bradcpu Weapons of Mass Distortion The Crystal Method House, M.D. 0:00:00
Show as character! A non-objective vid, with a sort of non-narrative narrative that paints a distinctive view of the show.
2 Ambushed newkidfan Telepopmusik Stargate Atlantis 0:04:08
Attacker or prey? Nothing's black or white in times of war. Clip manipulation as extreme sport makes this a gorgeous, surreal vid painting.
3 The Lonely People Laura Shapiro Eleanor Rigby Mystiquintet Doctor Who (2005) 0:01:46
One person's excitement is another's misery. This vid feels experimental both in song choice and content, using an unfamiliar, instrumental version of a familiar song, and split-screens and wipes to contrast the lives of the main characters and those whose lives they intersect.
4 Blood Red Summer kiki_miserychic Coheed and Cambria Veronica Mars 0:04:09
A character study of Cassidy Casablanca, with an interesting use of color, speed, and almost subliminal images.
5 All Is Full of Love Becky All is Full of Love Bjork Batman and Smallville 0:01:07
Chloe has had enough of feeling unloved and unappreciated, and turns her back on Smallville, Clark and Lex. The vidder fuses footage from Smallville and the Michael Keaton Batman movie to great effect.
6 Violetly Frivolity Absurdo (Ellie edit) Fluke Ultraviolet [movie] 0:05:16
The vidder frames the vid and uses stylized comic book elements to give it a new feel.
7 Talk Show Host synecdochic Radiohead Stargate SG-1 0:03:28
Jack copes after Daniel's Ascension--or not. The simple use of text sets up a tension between the video, the audio, and the text to tell a layered, thredded narrative.
8 What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? Astarte Taking Back Sunday Supernatural 0:01:57
Dean has known since he was four how it feels to be a ghost and Sam is going to adjust to this state, or get killed for real. Dramatically different use of splitscreens and overlays.
9 Favourite Friend Jill, Kathy and Kay Snow Patrol A Beautiful Mind 0:03:57
John Nash dreams of a better life. The coincidental casting of two movies lends itself to a wonderful fannish fusion.
10 Post Blue obsessive24 Placebo Firefly 0:02:32
She knows all the ways you could love her. You know what you have become. Gorgeous use of external artifacts and text to enrich the source and story.
11 Revenge AbsoluteDestiny Night on Bare Mountain Bob James Multi 0:03:23
Violent, upbeat homage profiling 30 years of ass-kicking, revenge-taking women in exploitation cinema. Split-screens, text, and color enhance the retro feel.
12 Pon de Replay astolat Rihanna Entourage 0:03:23
Eric never had a chance, where Vince was concerned. While the vid overall is not dramatically experimental, the minimal use of split-screens and the dramatic use of After Effects to manipulate clips is striking.
13 Wallpaper lim I Saved the World Today The Eurythmics Stargate Atlantis 0:02:17
A team vid that uses text and effects to transform every clip into something strikingly different.
14 Paradoxical Sleep Paul Kievits John Carpenter Tuk Spirited Away 0:03:23
A fairy tale gone dark. The vidder uses experimental music to transform the movie into something dark and gritty, using repetition and symbolism to explore themes of greed and consumption.
15 Vogue Luminosity Madonna 300 0:01:15
Vogue was designed to make Frank Miller cry. Extensive and effective use of split-screens and color to draw the viewer's eye to where the vidder wants, and enhance the graphic novel feel of the film.
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