Vividcon 2014
2014 Challenge: Gift

VJ: Trelkez

All videos in this vidshow were premieres.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 A Single Man obsessive24 Metisse A Single Man (2009) 00:03:57 [link]
One day later than yesterday; one year later than last year. Sooner or later, it will come.
2 Empty Nest sweetestdrain Wild Beasts Kings 00:03:25 [link]
Let none of his words fall to the ground.
3 Grimm Gifts Franzeska Reanimation Blackalicious Grimm 00:03:41 [link]
The meaning of gift, Grimm style
4 Slippery Slope hollywoodgrrl The Dø Fringe 00:02:44 [link]
Both ways open jaws. (Twenty-five years later, Olivia crosses over to save another boy.)
5 Running Destina Delta Spirit Die Hard series 00:02:51 [link]
If you can't give me love and peace, then give me bitter fame. (Anna Akhmatova)
6 A Dream Within a Dream Shati The Glitch Mob The Secret of Roan Inish 00:05:14 [link]
What the sea will take, the sea must have.
7 You Are A Runner & I Am My Father's Son kiki_miserychic Steph & Joss Teen Wolf 00:01:36 [link]
a haiku for fictional ladies: / sorry your story / was left in such clumsy hands / I will avenge you
8 Back In Business Eva Kenieva Madonna Framed (1992) 00:02:36 [link]
DCI Jackson never meant to give Eddie Myers his life on a silver platter...
9 To Be With You Trelkez The Honey Trees Pride & Prejudice (2005) 00:04:05
"It taught me to hope," said he, "as I had scarcely ever allowed myself to hope before."
10 The Last Snowfall Milly Vienna Teng Frozen 00:02:03 [link]
When your gift is a burden, others will help you carry it.
11 Chasing Cars sisabet Snow Patrol due South 00:03:14 [link]
And just forget the world.
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