Vividcon 2008
2008 Vids That Push the Envelope

Dramatically new visual styles, political issues, social commentary, unusual source, real-person vids, dramatic AUs -- many recent vids challenge us to expand our concept of fannish vidding. Do we make vids for the same reasons we've always made them? What are vids doing now that there is new, or is there nothing new under the sun? Are there new trends in vidding, or are these just evolutions of older forms? How far can we push the envelope and still consider our creations fan vids? VJs: Laura Shapiro, counteragent, and Speranza

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Walk the Line Abby Johnny Cash March of the Penguins None
Laura: Documentary source, nonhuman characters, so damned cute.
2 Grrrindhouse Danegen Grindhouse theme Graeme Revell Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Grindhouse and Supernatural None
counteragent: This vidlet illustrates the promise of the "movie trailer" subgenre through its creative blending of three sources, technical prowess, and storytelling panache.
3 Women's Work Luminosity and sisabet Violet Hole Supernatural None
Laura: This was the first vid I ever saw that was highly critical of its source--and by extension, many of the other shows we love. It implicates not just TPTB but also the viewer, making it an uncomfortable experience even beyond the disturbing subject.
4 The Tree newkidfan Chanson de l'Arbre Autour de Lucie Stargate Atlantis None
Laura: Suitable for framing.
5 All the Small Things Di Blink 182 The Colbert Report and The Daily Show None
coutneragent: If you'd told me before I saw this vid that one could craft a real-person bromance this engaging and joyful from talk show footage, I would have told you you were nuts.
6 Lost in an Anime Dream Hana no JudgeHolden Productions Jump Madonna Multi None
counteragent: This vid not only merges live-action and anime and real-person source in a technologicallyl riveting fashion, it also speaks to both the isolation and connection engendered by our relationship with modern media.
7 Ouroboros hollywoodgrrl Interlude Muse Doctor Who (2005) None
Speranza: "All of this has happened before" --but not in vids, it hasn't.
8 Blood Red Summer kiki_miserychic Coheed and Cambria Veronica Mars None
Speranza: Push-flash. Fade out. Speed up. Freak out. Colorful. Subliminal.
9 So Sirius busaikko So Serious E.L.O. Harry Potter None
counteragent: This vid uses images from the WIP project_shoebox, a group of authors and artists exploring the preseries years in the Harry Potter fandom. It's a meta-vid and a charming story rolled into one.
10 Piece of Me obsessive24 Britney Spears Britney Spears None
11 Martina Keely Meryn Cadell Veronica Mars None
Laura: The show's narrative, while related, takes a back seat to the force of the audio track--spoken word, not a song. The visuals illustrate the poem, rather than the other way around, heightening a message that's both political and personal.
12 Mission Report lim lim Stargate Atlantis None
Speranza: Song by Lim. Footage from the Blue Planet. All about Teyla.
13 Impulse NYCalls0909 Lying from You Linkin Park Supernatural None
counteragent: This vid stands for the dramatic AU: sometimes there are stories we want to tell, and we don't care that the source doesn't support them. We'll tell them anyway. We have the technology.
14 Chasing Arizona Fabella Meds Placebo BandSlash: Fall Out Boy None
Laura: This vid was recommended for our show by half a dozen people. An outstanding piece that combines aspects of RPF, meta, and fine art around a slashy emotional core.
15 Origin Stories Gianduja Kiss and Thuvia Ptarth Coffee Aesop Rock & John Darnielle Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
counteragent: "It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat." Reconstructing the story of Robin Wood, his mother Nikki, and the other vampire slayers whose stories get "swept under by the master narrative of Spike's reformation."
16 Too Good To Be True Mei ? Stargate Atlantis None
Ces: This footage is literally too good to be true: don't believe your eyes.
17 The Future Stops Here heyiya Rabbit In Your Headlights UNKLE featuring Thom Yorke 28 Days Later, Children of Men and V for Vendetta None
heyiya: The envelope-pushing aspect of my vid is the context, the fact that I made it for an academic project to illustrate my research interests and model vidding as scholarship.
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