Vividcon 2010
2010 Newbies Rock

In 2007, this vidshow featured early work by shati, cherryice, jarrow, hollywoodgrrl, Greensilver...don't you want to see who we'll find this time? Note: the VJ feels that some vids in this vidshow may contain triggering content. VJ: Laura Shapiro

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard Laura Shapiro and Norah Paul Simon Y Tu Mamá También None
Norah's first vid! This playful exploration of Julio and Tenoch's relationship gives the film a more optimistic twist.
2 But a Ghost imbir Not a Robot, But a Ghost Andrew Bird Internal Affairs None
This vid's relentless cutting and immaculate control of color draw the viewer into a dark, disturbing world. Immaculate.
3 Need to Destroy MissBreese THC Heroes None
Terrific use of internal motion and lighting effects result in a creepy and seductive AU.
4 Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers of Death (Parts 1-2) hapex-legomena Wu-Tang Clan The Lord of the Rings None
Lord of the Rings re-envisioned through the lens of RaceFail '09, this meta vid is both scathing and hilarious.
5 Alcohol ohvienna CSS Ashes to Ashes None
The snappiest cutting I've seen in a while, great song choice, and a keen eye for character moments make this vid a knockout.
6 Celebrity Skin lilly_the_kid Hole Stargate Atlantis None
In the grand tradition of ironic vids about action heroes comes this entirely serious look at John Sheppard.
7 Southside china shop Texas The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love None
Deceptively simple, this sweet, sexy little vid reveals so much about the relationship--and the characters.
8 Bad Romance nuarity Lady Gaga Merlin (BBC) None
Slash, disco, hilarity, and a new twist on money shots. What's not to love? Also: hee!
9 Paloma deltacephei Carbon Leaf Doctor Who (2005) None
A stunning vid in the classic style: contextual, lyrics-driven, narrative. Heartbreaking.
10 Everybody Wants to Be a Cat china shop Rima Te Wiata White Collar None
Entirely charming.
11 Believe Roxy Bisquaint The Bravery Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles None
Great song choice, great use of the music, and a wonderful rising tension throughout.
12 Sadie Hawkins ghost lingering Dessa Criminal Minds None
Compelling character study of a woman surrounded by violence, who does not let it consume her. I really like the oddly disjointed flow of movement and how it highlights the disturbing imagery.
13 there still remains the cocaine-bottle Skud We Insist Zoe Keating Sherlock Holmes (2009) None
Unlike other Sherlock Holmes vids I've seen, this has a terrific sense of time and place, capturing teh haunting beauty of the film's scenic design. It's also a moving character study of a troubled man.
14 Too Many Dicks Anita Sarkeesian Flight of the Conchords video games None
Slick, stylish, and funny: it's Detachable Penis for the new millenium!
15 Gold Lion thedeadparrot Yeah Yeah Yeahs Slumdog Millionaire None
Like a painting in motion, glimpses of Latika's world reveal her character.
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