Vividcon 2009
2009 Nearly New

Part One

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Circus butterfly Britney Spears Star Trek XI a.k.a. Star Trek (2009) None
Kirk's a "put on a show" kind of girl.
2 Public Service Announcement Clucking Belles, Sandy and rache Stargate Atlantis None
John's got a problem with...his body.
3 Skin chasa Skin Is, My Andrew Bird James Bond None
Double-O status confirmed; it's a pity MI-6 doesn's supply the skin to go along with it.
4 Not Ready to Make Nice butterfly The Dixie Chicks Battlestar Galactica (2003) None
On the limits of forgiveness.
5 I'll Be There for You Dualbunny The Rembrandts Black Books None
Just like "Friends." Only drunker. And smokier. And meaner. With jam. And bees.
6 Go Back To Sleep beerbad Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums A Perfect Circle Heroes None
A season 1 vid exploiting the creepiness of the HRG/Claire relationship.
7 Lead Balloon sweetestdrain Liam Finn Doctor Who (2005) None
He knows what he's looking for.
8 Dedicated Follower of Fashion Valoise The Kinks Highlander None
Four hundred years of Duncan MacLeod's wardrobe, for better and for worse.
9 The Temptation of John Sheppard Isagel The Temptation of Adam Josh Ritter Stargate Atlantis None
I never had to learn to love you like I learned to love the bomb.
10 Come On gwyneth The Headstones Flashpoint None
Right now is the only moment that counts.
11 Believe Gianduja Kiss The Bravery Supernatural None
The abyss gazes into you.
12 (Out of) Classical Gas jarrow Classical Gas Mason Williams Firefly None
Welcome aboard Serenity. You might want to hang on to something.
13 Blackbirds Killa Erin McKeown Highlander None
You know what they say about birds of a feather.
14 ...and ladies with pretty hair hollywoodgrrl Running Menomena Legend of the Seeker and Merlin (BBC) None
Swords, wizards, magic, fighting, forests, tyrants, prophesizing, lotsa running, and ladies with pretty hair.
15 Fall of Man obsessive24 Matthew Good Band Supernatural None
Castiel character, Castiel/Dean. What you don't know won't kill you.

Part Two

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Carnival of Rust absrip Poets of the Fall Supernatural None
Sam's POV throughout season 4. Caught amidst the chaos of heaven and hell, Sam desperately tries to find his way, but mistrust and confusion continues to push the brothers further apart. Warning for Wincest.
2 If I Was Your Girl Danegen If Janet Jackson Merlin (BBC) None
You're smooth and shiny / Feels so good against my lips, sugar.
3 Displaced Milly Azure Ray Heroes None
"It's just a simple line" / Claire's relationship with pain, loss and her power.
4 Heavenly dragonchic The Dandy Warhols Avatar: the Last Airbender None
Not that heavenly scene.
5 Threesome Valoise If You're Into It Flight of the Conchords Highlander None
Amanda and Duncan invite Methos to share in their fun.
6 27 Jennifers gwyneth Mike Doughty Veronica Mars None
7 Being Alive Diana Williams John Barrowman Big Eden None
Henry has always held himself apart from others, but the people of Big Eden are determined to change that. And sometimes it takes a village to find someone who has been lost for so long.
8 Low Red Moon Thuvia Ptarth Belly Supernatural None
And the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.
9 One War Gianduja Kiss We Do What We’re Told Peter Gabriel Dark Angel None
“They made us, and they trained us to be soldiers.”
10 Don’t You Just Know It bunniqula Huey 'Piano' Smith and the Clowns Orgazmo None
Porno spoof of a Mormon guy who becomes a porn star/superhero.
11 Man in the Box bradcpu Alice in Chains House, M.D. None
Pain is irrelevant. A House season 3 vid.
12 Iko Iko mresundance The Belle Stars Diplomatic Immunity None
Leighton Mills’ new job is truly trial by fire. A bouncy recruiter vid for the New Zealand comedy “Diplomatic Immunity”.
13 New Soul Buffyann Yaël Naïm Edward Scissorhands None
“I’m a new soul, I came to this strange world”
14 Don’t Tell Me keerawa Madonna due South None
Ray signed the divorce papers for Stella, but that doesn’t mean he stopped loving her.
15 Is She Really Going Out with Him? Clucking Belles, Sandy and rache Joe Jackson Stargate Atlantis None
5th season of Stargate Atlantis, suddenly there was something going wrong around here...
16 Unnatural Selection Charmax Pussycats Gone To Heaven DJ Lobsterdust (Pixies vs. The Pussycat Dolls) Multi None
That body was made to look like a person. We were made in God’s image.
17 Everything's Not Lost Greensilver Coldplay Doctor Who (2005) and Torchwood None
Pay it forward.
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