Vividcon 2011
2011 Heavy Metal

Cars, guns, and robots: three delicious staples of the fannish diet. VJ: Destina

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Pump It SDWolfpup Black Eyed Peas The Losers None
A burst of energy to start the show, and a perfect example of how to highlight the most kick-ass features of a movie that doesn't quite live up to its potential.
2 Around the Bend Danegen The Asteroid Galaxy Tour Multi None
A gorgeous tribute to and celebration of women and their cars, where cars, speed, and planes =l freedom and opportunity.
3 Dscs of Vlcty Mister Anderson Pts.OF.Athrty Linkin Park (Jay Gordon remix) TRON None
Most people don't think of Tron as a robot movie, but I do. Tron takes place inside a machine, and the world is one of code and logic gone awry. This vid captures it well.
4 Why Are You Here? Prodigi Living Dead Girl (remix) Rob Zombie Wanted None
So you want to be an assassin? This vid captures how movies make a culture of forbidden violence both sexy and mesmerizing.
5 Brick House Deirdre C. The Commodores Supernatural None
Dean Winchester is in love with his car. This is why.
6 Radar Greensilver Britney Spears Die Hard None
Every action vid show needs a good dose of John McClane, the long-suffering, everyman badass.
7 Thrown Away Katheryn Vast I, Robot None
To become sentient is to risk feeling things. This is a poignant vid on that topic, with an unusual POV.
8 Super Bon Bon gwyneth Soul Coughing Fast and the Furious None
Move aside and let the (men) go through in their fast cars.
9 (Wolf) Kay Nicholas Tse 2002 None
A great example of how a (mostly) unknown action movie source translates perfectly across language barriers.
10 Rock Star Melanie Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix Edit) N.E.R.D. NCIS None
A fun vid in a fandom I don't usually think of as being packed with entertaining action vids.
11 This Girl Killa This Girl is Taking Bets Thea Gilmore Alias None
A hot woman with a gun who owns her sexuality - not as uncommon in media as it used to be, but still not as common as it should be.
12 Shock the Monkey whimsy Peter Gabriel Stargate SG-1 None
On the surface, this is a vid about Five-0 using full immunity and means, but when you look a bit more closely, it's about the way the show fetishizes and glamorizes violence. Because of the dual perspective, I couldn't resist including this vid.
13 Running on the Ragged Edge macchinainterna Elevation U2 Speed Racer None
Sure, it's about cars, but it's also eye-popping and visually stunning.
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