Vividcon 2007
2007 Can't Live with 'Em, Can't Trade 'Em for Food

Showcasing funny vids about relationships -- slash, het, multiple, friendship, enmity, or romance, anything goes as long as we can poke affectionate fun at it. VJ: Mary Crawford

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Jolene Zoe Rayne The White Stripes Stargate Atlantis None
There's just no getting away from Jolene.
2 Monster Laura Shapiro Henry Rollins Monsters, Inc. None
Scary monsters and the litle girls who love them.
3 Strange Disease crazygrrl Prozzak Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
This is what happens when you don't use protection.
4 Ode to a Bitchface Monkie Arctic Monkeys Supernatural None
Sam's got that face on. The vidder's first vid!
5 Crush Story Clucking Belles, Sandy and rache Too Much Joy The Tick None
Emo antennae spell love.
6 She Hates Me sisabet Richard Cheese Moonlighting None
Suuure. We believe you.
7 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Killa Cake Star Trek TOS None
Vlucans are just terrible, terrible teases.
8 Beep Beep Jackie K Louis Prima Starship Troopers None
It's hard to keep a long-distance relationship alive.
9 Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) Jen Stamey Ethel Merman & Ray Middleton Xena: Warrior Princess None
Ancient Greek art of competitiveness.
10 Johnny, Are You Queer? Carol S Josie Cotton Stargate SG-1 None
Why are you so weird, boy?
11 Goody Two Shoes Laura Shapiro and Pipsqueak Adam Ant due South None
Can't live with him, can't trade him for pemmican.
12 Code Monkey Mouse and Snarkitty Jonathan Coulton Stargate Atlantis None
Rodney's cubible crush. The vidders' first vid!
13 You've Got a Friend In Me Melina Randy Newman Highlander None
Maybe it's not such a bad thing that there can be only one. Remastered for this show, yay!
14 Detachable Penis Alex, Media Cannibals, Sandy, Tina, gwyneth and rache King Missile The Professionals None
A touching drama of love and loss.
15 Moving Right Along SDWolfpup The Muppets Farscape None
John and D'Argo and lots of awwwwwww.
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