Vividcon 2003
2003 Ensemble Cast

Vids that cover the entire cast of an ensemble show rather than focusing on single characters or pairings. VJ: Cassandra

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 One Week Apocalypse West and Perri Barenaked Ladies The West Wing None
So much can happen in seven days in the West Wing.
2 Who by Fire Alex and Media Cannibals Leonard Cohen Highlander None
Death…darkness…shadows. The irony of the Immortals is that death haunts them every day.
3 I Love L.A. Kamil, Luminosity and WOAD Society Randy Newman Angel None
Angel goes too know how to have fun. He's a fun guy!
4 Goodnight Saigon Carol S Billy Joel Space: Above and Beyond None
Life on the front in 2069.
5 Farscape Follies KOBA-TV unknown Johann Offenbach Farscape None
Pure instrumental silliness.
6 Babylon Taselby and WOAD Society Don McLean Star Trek TNG None
Remembrance of innocence lost.
7 Let the River Run California Crew and Night Rangers Carly Simon Babylon 5 None
Our last, best hope.
8 Showdown at Big Sky Jo, Media Cannibals and gwyneth Robbie Robertson The Magnificent Seven None
It’s a world of violence, loss, redemption, and forgiveness, and Chris Larabee is just the man to lead his friends through it all.
9 Gilligan's Island Theme California Crew and Lap Wolf Giligan's Island Theme Sherwood Schwartz & George Wyle Star Trek VOY None
Frighteningly accurate.
10 Kung Fu Fighting Katharine and Lady Kate Split Enz The Lone Gunmen None
Their kung fu is strong, Grasshopper.
11 Bro Hymn Cecilia, Kim and Konnekted Twin Pennywise The Lord of the Rings None
Dedicated to the brotherhood that existed within the Fellowship.
12 Horoscope for Today Carol S, Jackie K and WOAD Society Weird Al Yankovic Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
Lorne's prognostications come true for the characters on Buffy and Angel.
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