Vividcon 2018
2018 Key Vidder Moments

Key Vidder Moments, first half

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 History Repeating Killa, Luminosity and WOAD Society The Propellerheads, with Shirley Bassey Highlander 0:03:42
"My first opportunity to collaborate with Luminosity! Of course it was memorable. We got comments along the lines of 'so many clips! How did you fit them all in there?'—ah, the good old days. Each time I make a vid, I still remember the visual lessons I learned from working with Lum on this one. Her visual creativity continues to inspire and inform my view of vidding."
2 The Adventure Greensilver Angels & Airwaves Harry Potter 0:04:15
"One of those rare moments where a vid does everything you want it to do and also taps into something you weren't expecting - the strong emotional response to this vid was very validating of my feelings about the character and my connection to the vid itself."
3 You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate Settiai Zoey Van Goey Doctor Who (2005) 0:02:48 [link]
"I took a break from vidding for years, and - while this wasn't the first vid that I made after getting back into that side of fandom - it was the first one that I actually felt proud about. I'd been considering stopping vidding again before making this vid, and it was one of the main reasons that I didn't."
4 Make Something Good sweetestdrain Laura Veirs Merlin (BBC) 0:04:00
"Have you ever made a vid that looked EXACTLY like it did in your head? Me either, until this vid. I scrubbed through the source to find exactly the kind of visuals I needed, full of sunlight and firelight."
5 Etheric Messages Thuvia Ptarth Natacha Atlas Fringe 0:02:15
"This was the first time I felt like I really got how to vid."
6 There's No Way Out of Here gwyneth David Gilmour Multi 0:05:01 [link]
7 Cold Cold Water SDWolfpup Mirah Battlestar Galactica (2003) 0:03:48 [link]
"...a marked improvement for me with interesting visuals and cutting, and a big idea stuffed into a small space. Taking the step into BSG opened up the much wider world of vidding for me when I realized how much source and opportunity there was outside of Buffy and Angel."
8 Let Go Kitty aka Winterevanesce Red Angel The Series 0:05:15 [link]
"The first vid I made that actually meant something to me. This was made during a time when I was filled with depression and anger towards the father figures in my life. [...] This was also the first video I shared with a group of amazing vidders who have influenced me to be where I am now."
9 Lightning Field bradcpu Sneaker Pimps Legend of the Seeker 0:04:18 [link]
"My introduction to a silly little fandom and ship that changed my life, personally and creatively."
10 Move Your Body ohvienna Move Your Body (Single Mix) Sia Xena: Warrior Princess 0:04:09 [link]
"Move Your Body, for me, represents an achievement in terms of narrative execution/editing style working together in a character study to say exactly what I wanted to say. As well, the reception of this vid premiering in a con space was an amazing experience."
11 Timber bessyboo Pitbull ft. Kesha Star Wars 0:03:24 [link]
" was, 1) the first vid that I finished (or got beyond the beginning stages of) in a decade, 2) the first vid I ever made 100% without a co-vidder (as far as I can remember; the early 00s are very far away and sometimes hazy), and 3) the first time I really bothered to actually learn Sony Vegas. It's the vid that made me realize, 'oh, hey, I actually DO remember how to vid, and it's much less painful than I remember it being!'"
12 I Swear Dualbunny, Greensilver, Pipsqueak and sweetestdrain All4One Smallville 0:04:28
"It was Dualbunny's birthday."

Key Vidder Moments, second half

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Love Turns 40 jarrow Vienna Teng Closer (2004) 0:05:03 [link]
"...a big step forward in my maturity as a 2nd-year vidder. It forced me to create narratives where there weren't any, to use limited scenes and source, to create interesting visual sequences out of static footage, and to vid a long song I couldn't edit down. I went through several completely different versions of the vid before reaching the final product after many hair-pulling months."
2 Spell hollywoodgrrl Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Carol 0:04:19 [link]
"I stepped forward to evolve my aesthetic and embrace the new. 'This is art,' someone replied in a comment. I'm so proud of this vid."
3 I Want You kiki_miserychic I Want You (She's So Heavy) Dana Fuchs, Joe Anderson, & T.V. Carpio Planet Terror, Supernatural and Zombieduck 0:03:52 [link]
"The first time I pulled together multiple sources to make a new universe with effects. And zombie strippers."
4 Deep Kick AbsoluteDestiny Red Hot Chili Peppers 15 0:05:55 [link]
"My first vid to draw from my personal experiences and the first time I used my vidding to uncover feelings about myself and my past."
5 Counting Bodies Milly Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums A Perfect Circle Angel 0:03:53 [link]
"An out of the box idea that came after a long period of not vidding. The incredible response from vidders I'd long admired introduced me to a new community and eventually led me to start attending VividCon. (Remastered in September 2008, after my first VVC)."
6 I Kissed a Boy Kuwdora Cobra Starship Heroes 0:03:12 [link]
"I learned that there are a lot of interesting ways you can use After Effects to bring tone and texture to a vid."
7 I Think I'm a Clone Now rhoboat "Weird Al" Yankovic Multi 0:02:18
"This was my first multi vid and also one of my first attempts at comedy."
8 Baby by Me sisabet 50 Cent feat Neyo DC Universe 0:03:34
"I had not made a vid in a year -I was sick and not coping. I needed comfort and Lex/Clark is like grandma's chicken and dumplings to me - it's an enemy-slash flavored hug and I needed to just wallow in it. This vid sparked a creative outlet in me that I haven't felt since my first year vidding. I feel different about vidding now - I feel like I am connecting to a necessary part of my brain and it is so very satisfying."
9 You Are the Best Thing Franzeska Ray LaMontagne Veritas: The Quest 0:03:50
"This was the first time I really experimented with constructed reality, including color effects and mattes. It was a key step in me moving from wanting to make remix to wanting to make original media."
10 Dynamite elipie Taio Cruz Brooklyn Nine-Nine 0:03:21 [link]
"This is one of my most well-known vids (and one of the first that really took off beyond expectation), and I feel that it strongly reflects the personality of both myself and my vids."
11 We Didn't Start the Fire fiercynn and scribe Billy Joel Multi 0:05:04 [link]
12 I Put You There Laura Shapiro and LithiumDoll Mary Schmary Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Original drawings 0:02:01 [link]
"Baby's first meta vid! Also the only time I've worked with hand-drawn, animated source (THANK YOU, LITHY!!!). I was not prepared for this vid's reception beyond fandom. It's been featured in academic papers and even played in a museum."
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