Vividcon 2011
2011 Threesomes/Triangles/Trios

A vidshow about the entanglements, romantic or otherwise, that can arise between three people, from OT3s to love triangles to families to partnerships plus one. In short: why should pairings have all the fun? VJs: Sarah T and geekturnedvamp

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Come On LithiumDoll Tegan and Sara The Vampire Diaries None
The power of three. (Bonnie/Elena/Caroline)
2 3 talitha78 Britney Spears Fastlane None
Tiffani Thiessen is so the boss of them (the *other* them). (Billie/Deaq/Van)
3 She's Moved On JKL & Friends, Jill, Kay and Lynn C. Oysterband Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
Sometimes, three's a crowd. (Oz/Willow/Tara)
4 Strangelove Gianduja Kiss Depeche Mode The Inside None
She's got a history of destructive relationships. (Web/Rebecca/Paul)
5 Tanglewood Tree butterfly Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer The Dead Zone None
Three people intertwined by the past, present, and future. (Johnny/Sarah/Walt)
6 Opportunities Carol S, Killa and WOAD Society Pet Shop Boys Highlander None
If you've got the inclination, I have got the crime. (Duncan/Methos/Amanda)
7 Apple Candy dayln03 Ben Lee Chuck None
I want you and I want him. (Chuck/Sarah/Bryce)
8 Strip My Mind saltwatergirl Red Hot Chili Peppers The Dreamers None
It's the people we love, the people we live with, that elude us the most.- A River Runs Through It (Matthew/Isabelle/Theo)
9 Let the Good Times Roll Livia Penn Hey Bulldog The Beatles Stargate Atlantis None
Hitting each other with sticks is the new soul-bonding. (John/Teyla/Ronon)
10 there still remains the cocaine bottle Skud We Insist Zoe Keating Sherlock Holmes (2009) None
Sherlock Holmes is never alone. (Holmes/Watson/Adler)
11 Animal Instinct obsessive24 The Cranberries Bedrooms and Hallways None
Instinct may be simple, but relationships rarely are. (Leo/Brendan/Sally)
12 Make Something Good sweetestdrain Laura Veirs Merlin (BBC) None
The personal is political. (Arthur/Merlin/Gwen)
13 Kiss Kiss underhand-glory Yeah Yeah Yeahs Skins UK None
We're three in the dark tonight. (Effy/Freddie/Cook)
14 Let's Misbehave Greensilver Elvis Costello White Collar None
It's not a crime. It's not even a poor life choice. (Peter hopes.) (Elizabeth/Peter/Neal)
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