Vividcon 2008
2008 Also Premiering

A brand new annual show, showcasing premiering vids from vidders who couldn't make it here in person! VJ: Mary Crawford

All videos in this vidshow were premieres.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Natural Blues LithiumDoll Moby The Fixer None
"Lenny might be a bastard, John Mercer, but he didn't choose you without knowing one thing perfectly well: you're a hunting dog, and you'll never do anything else in this world."
2 32 Keely Oedipus Regina Spektor Stargate Atlantis None
32 is still a goddamn number.
3 Stars e^y Dubstar Gundam Wing None
What war does to comrades.
4 Torchwood: Undying keerawa Prelude 12/21 A.F.I. Torchwood None
A man who cannot die is haunted by those who can.
5 Recessional Ceridwyn2 Vienna Teng Battlestar Galactica (2003) None
A look at President Laura Roslin and Admiral William Adama's relationship from miniseries to present: The trials, hardships, joy, flirtation, love.
6 Scarlet Ribbons hazelk Sinead O'Connor Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
She will not sleep on a bed of bones.
7 Special Death kiki_miserychic Mirah Deadwood None
Full "Deadwood" series character study of Joanie.
8 Ghosts (4) Cherry Ice 4 Ghosts I Nine Inch Nails House, M.D. None
House, Wilson, Amber, and things that break.
9 A Thousand Suns Andraste Tom McRae Torchwood None
The light that burns twice as bright.
10 Tanglewood Tree Charmax Chris and Meredith Thompson Fingersmith None
Forbidden fruit, tangled webs, and betrayal.
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