Vividcon 2003
2003 Challenge: Dreams

A double-blind show, in which vidders respond anonymously to our challenge. Vids will be both shown and discussed in the show. This challenge is to make a vid on the theme of dreams. VJ: Shoshanna

All videos in this vidshow were premieres.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Rope on Fire Anonymous Morphine Stargate SG-1 None
2 All Along the Watchtower Killa and WOAD Society Jimi Hendrix Wild Palms None
What is dream, and what is reality? What happens when you can’t tell the difference any more?
3 touch me fall astolat Touch Me Fall Indigo Girls X-Men None
How telepaths might experience the dreams of others. Deliberately non-narrative, more a series of broken vignettes.
4 So Real Luminosity and WOAD Society Jeff Buckley Angel None
Wes dreams.
5 Come As You Are Anonymous Nirvana Stargate SG-1 None
Jack relives the nightmare of repeated torture and past tragedies.
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