Vividcon 2017
2017 Unreliable Narrators

There’s an assumption that the person telling you a story is telling the truth, these vids explore the idea of unreliable narrators. VJ: kiki_miserychic

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Cells obsessive24 The Servant Fight Club 0:03:40
The Killer in Me and Misaimed Fandom
2 Somebody That I Used To Know Froggimus Rex Right the Stars feat. Karmina The Fall (BBC) 0:05:04 [link]
Lying Creator point of view
3 Blow Anoel Ke$ha Gone Girl 0:01:48 [link]
The Rashomon and manipulated media narrative
4 Outta My Head Kitty aka Winterevanesce Ashlee Simpson Wonderfalls 0:02:29 [link]
Ambiguous Magical Realism
5 Default kiki_miserychic Django Django Drunk History 0:03:20 [link]
Mind-altering substance, alcohol
6 A Message For You kaydeefalls A Day Like Today Tom McRae Big Fish 0:03:45
A father's exaggerated storytelling
7 Stars Keely The Weepies Dexter 0:03:08
Innocent Inaccurate point of view
8 Sweet Blossom ohvienna Emilie Simon Heavenly Creatures 0:03:08 [link]
Through the Eyes of Madness, specifically Folie à deux (Shared Psychosis Disorder)
9 The Amazing Sounds of Orgy hollywoodgrrl Radiohead Repulsion (1965) 0:03:40
Through the Eyes of Madness, by way of Sanity Slippage from isolation
10 trapped in a dream [Westworld] pingvi Gateskeepers Saltillo Westworld 0:01:05 [link]
11 Monster dragonchic Paramore Sucker Punch 0:03:18 [link]
Mind Screw... It's supposed to be a hallucination while being lobotomized and maybe she killed her sister, but maybe she didn't. Is reality being in the asylum? So the escapist fantasy is being forced to be sex workers? And the sex worker's escapist fantasy is being put in a videogame on a monster fighting quest? Wait, who is the actual narrator?
12 An Ohtori Love Story - "Love is an Open Door" AMV miraclefalcon Love is an Open Door Kristen Bell & Santino Fontana Revolutionary Girl Utena 0:02:07 [link]
The Liar
13 No Sunlight bradcpu Death Cab for Cutie Motorama 0:02:15
Self-perception dysphoria
14 david+lenny | you don't own me BackwardBlossom You Don't Know Me Son Lux Legion 0:01:04 [link]
Forced mind alterations
15 Down With the Sickness meivocis Down with the Sickness Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine John Dies at the End 0:02:24 [link]
Used-Car Salesman telling half-truths, lies, and mistruths because "one small lie saves an infinite amount of explanation"
16 Steve Rogers || AU: Live to fight again voordeel Stevie Kasabian Captain America 0:02:04 [link]
Mind-altering substance, drugs
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