Vividcon 2008
2008 Vidding History: 1980-1984

Follow the history of vidding step by step, from one of the first true videos ever made through the introduction of point of view and fading to black! See the first multi-fandom vids, the first shorts, the first comedy vids! VJs: Kandy Fong and Sandy

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 All the Time Diana Barbour and Kendra Hunter Barry Manilow Starsky & Hutch None
The second vid ever made (the first one is unviewable), and it shows the original idea for a "video." Hint: remember Kandy's slide shows?
2 Beep Beep Diana Barbour and Kendra Hunter The Playmates Starsky & Hutch None
New idea: the actors move. Used one long scene set to music.
3 The Boy Can't Help It Kendra Hunter Bonnie Raitt Starsky & Hutch None
New idea: use scenes from different episodes. How they did it when the machine couldn't edit. Bonus: first credits.
4 Under the Bamboo Tree Jean Clissold and Pam Judy Garland and Margaret O'Brien Starsky & Hutch None
Me, too. Second-generation vidders tried what Kendra and Diane invented.
5 You Made Me Love You Jean Clissold and Pam Judy Garland Starsky & Hutch None
How the "new kids" solved the problem of editing scenes together. More info about the first vvidders inside the song.
6 Singing in the Rain Jean Clissold and Pam Gene Kelly Starsky & Hutch None
New idea: do the joke and get out! This and Blueberry Hill are the first two "shorts."
7 Blueberry Hill Jean Clissold and Pam Fats Domino Starsky & Hutch None
8 Who Can It Be Now Kathleen Reynolds and Mary E. Overstreet Men at Work Dark Shadows None
New idea: a different fandom! One of the first Dark Shadows vids. Lots of people think vidding started with Dark Shadows.
9 Wild Boys professional source Duran Duran Starsky & Hutch None
Finally, the show is in syndication so problem of source material solved! The first editing machines are available at TV stations, but they're very expensive. The stations' own editing gives fans more ideas. Beta & VHS ruled.
10 People Will Say We're in Love Martha Bonds Gary Morris Starsky & Hutch None
Edited on a Betamax machine! Still long clips, but cleaner edits.
11 Runaway Judy Jones Bonnie Raitt Starsky & Hutch None
New ideas: Point of view, and dialogue used during a long music bridge.
12 Wind beneath My Wings 3 Sisters, Donna Williams, Linda Brandt and Lucy Keifer Gary Morris Star Trek TOS None
Classic Trek, classic song. Linda made many vids, but left fandom early. She used ids to reveal something about the character(s).
13 That's What Friends Are For 3 Sisters, Donna Williams, Linda Brandt and Lucy Keifer Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder Multi None
New idea: solve "rainbow"/break up editing problems or change POV by fading to black between scenes.
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