Vividcon 2002
2002 Premieres

Vids that are making their debut at VividCon. VJs: Carol S and Melina

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Polka Party Vid Weasels and Waldo. Weird Al Yankovic Multi 0:00:00
Channel surfing, vidder style.
2 Solsbury Hill astolat Peter Gabriel Stargate SG-1 0:04:13
This was one of those cases where the song just seemed obvious. Daniel's journey, and the guides who bring him home.
3 Southwest Voodoo Luminosity, Shimmertwins, The and ozonebaby Insane Clown Posse Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:03:45
Darth!Willow 2004: Willow + Evil = OTP4EVA!!!!!!
4 Help Me Understand Barbara Phillips Trace Adkins Starsky & Hutch 0:03:34
Starsky's POV mostly, then shifts to the realization of their relationship.
5 Strange Disease crazygrrl Prozzak Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:04:08
Poor Angelus. Breaking up is hard to do.
6 Coming Up from Behind Killa Marcy Playground Witchblade 0:03:31
I've been wanting to vid this song forever, and I finally got an underdog female warrior-type who could carry it. Sara Pezzini kicks collective badguy ass.
7 Elevation Clucking Belles, Sandy and rache U2 Smallville 0:03:26
The exuberance drew me, but the lyrics encouraged us to try a second thread of paranoia and fear underneath the happiness.
8 Children of Eve Apocalypse West and madness Linda Eder Stargate SG-1 0:03:09
Fear and hope in the lives of kids across the galaxy, and how they've touched SG-1 and those close to them.
9 Rook Laura Shapiro +4db The X-Files 0:04:00
I knew this was a Mulder song before I'd ever made a vid. I finally got comfortable enough with the medium to do what I wanted to do with it, and just in time for the show's last season. The result is my first expermient in (mostly) non-narrative vidding.
10 (I Like 'Em) Big and Stupid Clucking Belles, Nicole, Sandy and rache Julie Brown Multi 0:04:00
11 London Rain Still Reeling Heather Nova The American Embassy 0:03:07
When Emma visits London, she discovers that the city is a place for finding a love that heals.
12 Hero Angie Nielsen, T4 Productions: Videos by T. and Theresa Pierce Chad Kroeger Xena: Warrior Princess 0:04:08
Xena and Gabrielle as heroines in their own right as well as a heroic duo!
13 Stranded Sandy and gwyneth Shawn Colvin due South 0:03:29
It's possible to love someone to death, be loved back, and still be completely alone. That's the tragedy of Fraser.
14 Love Potion #9 Chris aka Chris Harshman and Christina The Clovers Farscape 0:03:55
A fun song interpretation vid of this season's Farscape.
15 Glorious #1 here's luck Remy Zero Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:02:01
Spike thinks he's glorious, all right, but the vulnerable side of him doesn't deal well with rejection.
16 Johnny, Are You Queer? Carol S Josie Cotton Stargate SG-1 0:03:19
Sam wonders why Jack isn't as interested in her as he should be--to a 60s-style teen angst beat.
17 Hunter absinthe, astolat and hafital Dido Forever Knight 0:02:19
Janette was fascinating in Forever Knight--a determinedly unrepentant but not evil vampire, a contrast to Nick's quest to become human again. Through all of their relationship, Nick never seems willing to let her go, even when he's supposedly trying to break away.
18 The Unforgiven II DigiRay Metallica Farscape 0:03:39
19 A Place in the World Carol S, Destina and WOAD Society Mary Chapin Carpenter Stargate SG-1 0:06:49
Daniel on the importance and difficulty of finding one's "place in the world."
20 Go bonibaru Indigo Girls Witchblade 0:04:11
The icon of feminine power vidded to the song of feminist freedom. Okay, in plainer terms, it's a strong chick who rocks, to a song that rocks. A brief examination of the character of Sara Pezzini, current wielder of the Witchblade.
21 Mad World Luminosity Gary Jules Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:04:11
How it all looks to Spike.
22 Kung Fu Fighting Katharine and Lady Kate Split Enz The Lone Gunmen 0:03:53
23 Never Die Young Barkley Lori McKenna Stargate SG-1 0:03:23
24 Black Cat Margie and Seah Northern Pikes The Sentinel 0:04:05
Who says a black cat has to ruin your day?
25 Mine Diana Williams Savage Garden Highlander 0:03:46
The poignancy of the words and music tugged at me. The concept: Methos reflects on turning points in his relationship with Duncan, what might have been.
26 Fallin' bunniqula Alicia Keys Oz 0:03:45
27 The Masochism Tango KOBA-TV Tom Lehrer Farscape 0:03:25
A different take on the relationship between Aeryn and John.
28 One of Us Jackie K Joan Osbourne The Matrix Trilogy 0:02:25
Explores the different religious constructions of the film; Morpheus as prophet, defeated by the Smiths as Creator, defeated by Neo as Messiah.
29 Hero Central Consortium and Jennifer Chad Kroeger & Josey Scott Stargate SG-1 0:05:30
Based on fifth season's "Meridian," this vid is a Daniel-centric story.
30 One Step Closer sockii Linkin Park Brimstone 0:03:33
The devil keeps pushing Zeke to the edge.
31 I'm a Believer Crow and Flamingo Smash Mouth Starsky & Hutch 0:02:44
Hutch's answer to La Vida Loca (or, never let a little pronoun get between you and a good song).
32 Possession Remi d'Brebant Sarah McLachlan The Sentinel 0:04:14
33 Speed Racer Margie TV Theme Song The Invisible Man 0:00:00
He's Hobbeserific!
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