Vividcon 2014
2014 Femslash

Gathered here for your viewing pleasure: vids featuring romantic and/or sexual relationships between female characters. VJ: kiki_miserychic

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 It Keeps Getting Better Scarlett North-Cavanaugh Warm Whispers Mary Higgins Multi 00:02:12 [link]
In femslash
2 The Way We Get By elipie Spoon Broad City 00:02:38 [link]
Things can be more fun,
3 We Are Complicated Shati Raheem D Buffy the Vampire Slayer 00:02:47 [link]
More complicated,
4 Don't Let Me Fall Kitty Lenka Yes or No 00:02:35 [link]
More adorable,
5 I Do Adore kiki_miserychic Mindy Gledhill Adventure Time 00:01:42 [link]
More colorful,
6 Let Me Put My Love Into You sweetestdrain AC/DC Bitch Slap 00:04:06 [link]
Over the top, but never sated.
7 The Enemy Within PSA The Cylon Vidding Machine original score from Them! (1954) Bronislau Kaper Battlestar Galactica (2003) 00:02:27 [link]
Where fear and propaganda can meet
8 Wonder Milly Soap&Skin Once Upon a Time 00:02:00 [link]
Sometimes it's sad and sweet,
9 Mrs. And Mrs. Blake niyalune trailer audio Teen Wolf 00:01:39 [link]
Sometimes it needs to be created,
10 Ready or Not Anoel Air Traffic Controller Faking It 00:03:27 [link]
Or seen from a different angle.
11 Signs ghost lingering The Noisettes Dark Angel 00:01:14 [link]
They can be separated by glass,
12 Let Her Go zeppie9294 Passenger The Last of Us 00:01:54 [link]
Separated by death,
13 Everywhere Fray-Adjacent Paul Devro & Fleetwood Mac Xena: Warrior Princess 00:03:40 [link]
Always together in our hearts,
14 I Was Married FenrirsLittleSister Tegan & Sara Disney movies 00:01:22 [link]
Like a fairytale that was fated
15 Hands Away Beccatoria and chaila Interpol Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 00:03:04 [link]
To be cut together from different parts
16 Vitalum Vitalis hollywoodgrrl and ohvienna TBC aka Instamatic American Horror Story: Coven 00:04:23 [link]
To become something new.
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