Vividcon 2005
2005 Anime

The best operatic paranoid sugar-high satirical sexually dubious post-modern petal-filled retro mindfuck about big-eyed hand-drawn characters ever! VJ: AbsoluteDestiny

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Phantom of the Opera Kevin Caldwell Harajuku Memories: Magnetic Rose 0:00:00
A classic example of what you can do with a flying erase head, a laserdisc player, and timing of steel.
2 My Iron Lung Kusoyaro Productions Radiohead FLCL (Fooly Cooly) 0:04:24
Once upon a time, AMV creators used their source footage to create mood instead of relying on digital manipulations.
3 Odorikuruu Jay Locke Mamboleo Elissa Multi 0:03:19
AMVs are: making cute things dance to trumpeting frogs.
4 This is DBZ Life Scott Melzer This is Your Life Dust Brothers Dragonball Z 0:03:44
AMVs are: using footage which is, frankly, artistic suicide and shouting “My silly fandom rocks, dammit!”
5 Gay Boyfriend Apocalypse Inc. The Hazards Multi 0:03:38
AMVs are: making cute things gay(er).
6 Excel Pop-up Video Kurt Standing Still Jewel Excel Saga 0:03:05
AMVs are: video pop eating itself and the whole AMV world with it.
7 Fancy Comic Island Xenon Leave Me Hell Alone Outer Peace @ pieces 0:04:45
Japanese MADs (videos of MADness) are: computer game stills, After Effects, bad English, and insanity.
8 At the Beginning Lee Thompson Richard Marx and Donna Lewis Final Fantasy VIII 0:01:22
1 old-school camcorder editing system + 1 Playstation = adorable fluff!
9 Versailles Paradise Walter Scott Pastime Paradise Stevie Wonder Rose of Versailles 0:03:43
The French Revolution, the life of Marie Antoinette, a Stevie Wonder song, and not a comedy? Old school revivalism with a vengeance.
10 Urban Ragnarok Jbone Prologue, Twilight and Your Truly, 2095 Electric Light Orchestra Metropolis (anime) 0:03:34
Creating, destroying, rebuilding, and reevaluating one movie in an imaginative pièce de résistance.
11 AWA VAT Breakdown Techno Rave Lee Thompson Hellacious Acres / The System is Down Kris Kristofferson / Strong Bad Original drawings and Serial Experiments Lain 0:08:06
A masterful, dramatic profile of the tormented character Iwakura Lain.
12 Greed vs Envy Darci Anything You Can Do Bernadette Peters and Top Wopat Fullmetal Alchemist and Original drawings 0:01:15
Bah, who needs to search for footage when you can just draw the characters being shamefully self-centered?
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