Vividcon 2014
2014 The Things We Do For Love

Like walking in the rain and snow when there's nowhere to go -- wait. No. For this vidshow, we'll look at all kinds of love -- romantic love, obsessive love, love of family and friends, love of duty, love of self -- but most importantly, we'll explore what love's incredible driving force can set into motion. VJ: sweetestdrain

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Beat Control AbsoluteDestiny Tilly and the Wall Lilo & Stitch 00:02:44
We make family.
2 King of Anything Cappy Sara Bareilles Coffee Prince 00:03:28 [link]
We see each other for who we are.
3 Karaoke Soul chaila Tom McRae Luther 00:03:30
We learn our limits -- or lack thereof.
4 Ada Joyo The National Inglorious Basterds 00:04:03
We risk everything for revenge.
5 Do What You Have to Do Greensilver Sarah McLachlan X-Men 00:03:29
We lose hope.
6 Wherever You Will Go rhoboat The Calling Wallace & Gromit 00:02:13
We follow.
7 The Way I Am Pipsqueak Ingrid Michaelson Veronica Mars 00:02:05
We love unconditionally.
8 Daughter of the Rain and Snow mswyrr Landscape (Demo) Florence + The Machine Revenge 00:03:57
We don't forget.
9 What No Angel Knows Laura Shapiro Dance / S'loyfn, S'yogn Moira Smiley and Voco Wings of Desire 00:03:08
We fall.
10 As I Call You Down sisabet Fistful of Mercy The Wire 00:03:03
We try again.
11 King and Country Destina Seth Lakeman Merlin (BBC) 00:03:10
We protect and serve.
12 Hoping Machine Eunice Jay Farrar Harry Potter 00:04:56
We live.
13 Devotion Charmax Indigo Girls Xena: Warrior Princess 00:03:42
We change our fates.
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