Vividcon 2016
2016 Fandom Life

The fan experiences we share together as told by the fan tributes we make for each other.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Happy RealTDragon Pharrell Williams Cosplay 0:03:43 [link]
It might seem crazy what I'm about to say but fandom can be a really great place to be.
2 Wrong In All The Right Ways Little Heaven Raise Your Glass Pink Duran Duran 0:03:23 [link]
it has been making obsessed lunatics of us for generations
3 Anything For Love Speranza and astolat Meat Loaf Thor 0:03:06 [link]
and we've in turned dragged our friends down with us into glorious debauchery
4 Pressure California Crew, Odd Woman Out and Sterling Eidolan Billy Joel Meta and Vidding 0:04:40 [link]
and have put ourselves through all kinds of grueling punishment just to make something for some dumb convention.
5 Good Morning Baltimare BronyCon Good Morning Baltimare (live audience mix) BronyCon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 0:03:35 [link]
It is all worth it for the excitement on the day, where you can finally celebrate with the only people in the world who get you
6 Shake It Off DemonsWithTea Taylor Swift Attack On Titan (Titan High Cosplay AU) 0:03:39 [link]
Where you meet friends that also really want to make that highscool AU of Attack on Titan a real thing...
7 True Love Molly & Sim Pink Sherlock 0:03:50 [link]
or someone else who finds John and Sherlock as adorable as you do!
8 Hard Sun Laura Shapiro and bradcpu Eddie Vedder Firefly 0:03:38 [link]
Fandom changes us and we take it everywhere we go
9 Markiplier 6 Million Subscribers Music Video markiplierSINGSbadly Everything's Alright Emily Schultz Markiplier 0:04:06 [link]
and our own fan contributions can change the lives of others all over the world
10 I've Got Family Here loveisallyouneed96 Friends Eliza & the Bear Supernatural Fandom 0:02:47 [link]
where they in turn make vids embracing their amazing fandom family
11 Tik Tok jarrow Kesha jarrow's Vividcon friends 0:03:36
or just make vids about much their fandom besties love to goof around in some little con hardly anyone knows.
12 Anything for You Willion John Martin Furry 0:03:49 [link]
And while we can't wait to get back to our fandom life, someone new is discovering theirs for the very first time.
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