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2018 From There to Here

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From There to Here, first half

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 FttH: Intro none n/a none none 0:00:05
2 FttH: Killa none n/a none none 0:00:05
3 Coming Up from Behind Killa Marcy Playground Witchblade 0:03:11
Bad things come in threes, but Sara Pezzini's got this.
4 Hurricane Killa MS MR 12 Monkeys (TV) 0:03:40
The three women who destroyed the world are the only ones who can save it.
5 FttH: sweetestdrain none n/a none none 0:00:05
6 Scared sweetestdrain The Tragically Hip Firefly 0:03:13
He wasn't sure he was getting through.
7 Desire sweetestdrain Anna Calvi Westworld 0:03:55
Believing in her heart is what she's come to fear.
8 FttH: Franzeska none n/a none none 0:00:05
9 Caramelo Franzeska Olga Tañón Miami Vice 0:02:15
Little did I know how life-changing Miami Vice would be.
10 100 1/2 Franzeska Emily Mika Multi 0:03:33
More or less self-indulgent than that movie?
11 Ftth: Anoel none n/a none none 0:00:05
12 Volcano Anoel Damien Rice Queer As Folk (US) 0:03:27
Volcanoes melt me down.
13 30 Anoel Riot Paris Carney Multi 0:01:15
There's a riot going on in my head.
14 FttH: Destina none n/a none none 0:00:05
15 Rite of Passage Destina Dougie MacLean Stargate SG-1 0:04:38
The tragedies and triumphs of Skaara's journey.
16 cracks appear Destina Cracks Appear Fink Less Than Zero 0:03:20
Hey, remember that time RDJ played a rich bisexual junkie who was in love with his two best friends and who turned tricks with dudes to pay off his creepy possessive dealer? Those were the days.
17 FttH: Luminosity none n/a none none 0:00:05
18 Southwest Voodoo Luminosity, Shimmertwins, The and ozonebaby Insane Clown Posse Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:03:32 [link]
The pitfalls of magical thinking: Insane Clown Posse and yellow crayons.
19 Holy Roller Novocaine Luminosity Kings of Leon American Gods 0:03:58
There's only one way God's gonna get you back, honey.

From There to Here, second half

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 FttH: sisabet none n/a none none 0:00:05
2 Without Me dr. dawn and sisabet Eminem Angel 0:03:07 [link]
It feels so empty without me.
3 Pony GhostTownExit and sisabet Ginuwine Westworld 0:04:14
Kill all humans.
4 FTtH: elipie none n/a none none 0:00:05
5 Bye Bye Bye elipie *NSYNC The Social Network 0:03:17
I don't wanna make it tough.
6 Blue on Black elipie Five Finger Death Punch DCEU 0:04:31
I'm the goddamn Batman.
7 FTtH: kiki_miserychic none n/a none none 0:00:05
8 Blood Red Summer kiki_miserychic Coheed and Cambria Veronica Mars 0:01:07
Back when I thought people doing bad things because of the bad things that happened to them was interesting.
9 That Time kiki_miserychic Regina Spektor The Good Place 0:02:39
Trying to do good is far more interesting.
10 FTtH: Trelkez none n/a none none 0:00:05
11 Ghost Song Greensilver Patrick Wolf Supernatural 0:03:20
I have these nightmares. And sometimes, they come true.
12 Yellow Flicker Beat Trelkez Lorde Supernatural 0:03:54
I'll never be weak again.
13 FTtH: here's luck none n/a none none 0:00:05
14 Glorious #1 here's luck Remy Zero Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0:03:09 [link]
Prints all over the smoking gun.
15 Supasonic here's luck Tkay Maidza Black Panther 0:02:38
I run it.
16 FttH: Milly none n/a none none 0:00:05
17 What You Waiting For Milly Gwen Stefani Alias 0:02:10 [link]
The ups and downs of being Sydney Bristow. / 2007. Betaed by friend, bradcpu.
18 The Parting Glass Milly Sarah Greene Firefly 0:02:18
Good night and joy be with you all. / 2018. Betaed by husband, bradcpu.
19 FttH: astolat none n/a none none 0:00:05
20 Solsbury Hill astolat Peter Gabriel Stargate SG-1 0:03:38
You can keep my things, they've come to take me home.
21 Pompeii astolat Bastille Star Trek: The Next Generation 0:03:19
How am I going to be an optimist about this?
22 FttH: ending none n/a none none 0:00:09
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