Vividcon 2017
2017 Murder Most Foul

A selection of murdery vids: from whodunnits to vids that put the viewer in the role of the victim, the killer, or both, any and every kind of murder is ripe for vidding! VJ: sisabet

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Running Joke Luminosity Queens of the Stone Age True Detective 0:02:58
Humidity and homicides.
2 Crazy in Love chaila Beyonce Gone Girl 0:03:56
Til death do us part (plan accordingly).
3 I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful obsessive24 Josh Woodward Misfits 0:02:47 [link]
I always feel like somebody's watching me.
4 Undress for Me Dementis Bloodbath for Birds Squalloscope Psycho (1960) 0:02:12 [link]
Try to love one a-mother..
5 Love On Top sweetestdrain Beyoncé Carrie 0:02:40
High school is such a difficult period.
6 Bang Bang Trelkez Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Bitch Slap 0:03:15
Not getting busted.
7 One Foot Wrong Dualbunny Pink Batman Returns 0:03:22
The one thing cats can't fix.
8 Kinda Outta Luck reggievass Lana Del Rey Luther 0:03:13 [link]
A real lady killer.
9 Picture Frame of Rage Zeneyepirate The Headstones Natural Born Killers 0:02:41
See the USA in your sex and slay.
10 Runs in the Family kiki_miserychic Amanda Palmer Hannibal (2013 series) 0:02:52
When your family crest is a hole in the chest.
11 Pursuit of Happiness Cappy Kid Cudi The Wire 0:03:02
The futility of hope.
12 Le Gusta El Fuego hollywoodgrrl Calla The Purge 0:03:30 [link]
Welcome to our dystopian future.
13 The Transported Man SDWolfpup Nux Vomica The Veils The Prestige 0:02:23
Illusions, Michael.
14 Ordinary Girl ohvienna I Am Kloot Twin Peaks 0:02:57
Life in plastic is fantastic.
15 Timber SE Timber (Solo Remix) Ke$ha The Lizzie Borden Chronicles 0:03:21
A total hatchet job.
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