Vividcon 2010
2010 Club Vivid

VJ: AbsoluteDestiny

## Denotes premiering video

Disc 1

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 The Joxer Dance Renaissance Pictures Dancing In The Moonlight Ted Raimi Xena: Warrior Princess None
2 I Gotta Feeling Countessmary Black Eyed Peas The Muppets None
When I chose to do this song I had no idea what I was going to vid it to. Within minutes of sending the song to my mother, she'd worked it out. So thanks, mom, and you're right. The Muppets really are always the answer.
3 Can Delight Jescaflowne Master Blaster Multi None
4 Crazy in Love Cappy and sisabet Beyonce ft. Jay-Z Merlin (BBC) None
5 Candy Man obsessive24 Lollipop (Candyman) Aqua Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory None
Smells like children.
6 beautiful dirty rich Merry and astolat Lady Gaga American Idol None
7 Lucky jarrow Black Lab 21 None
Do you feel lucky today?
8 Let it Rock Mister Anderson Kevin Rudolph ft Lil Wayne Iron Man None
9 Hot Mess kuwdora Cobra Starship Heroes None
You're a hot mess and I'm lovin' it, hell yeah.
10 At My House(s) ohvienna P-Funk is Playing at My House DJ Riko Big Love None
There's a party at the Henrickson's...and Heavenly Father's invited!
11 Shut Up and Drive Laura Shapiro Rihanna Doctor Who (2005) and Torchwood None
12 Party in the Midlands Milly Party in the USA Miley Cyrus ft. Axel Strife Legend of the Seeker None
Kahlan Amnell kindly invites you to a party in the Midlands.
13 Ever Fallen In Love (with someone you shouldn't've) Eunice Buzzcocks Hard Core Logo None
14 Music Again Anoel Adam Lambert Glee None
You make me want to listen to music again.
15 Tiny Dancer Charmax Ironik ft. Chipmunk & Elton John The Sound of Music None
16 Expilalidocious Pogo Pogo Mary Poppins None
17 I Wanna Be Evil LithiumDoll Eartha Kitt vs Giant Jr Multi None
18 Keeps Getting Better MissBreese Christina Aguilera Heroes None
Yes, I know what I am and no, I don't give a damn.
19 Radar Greensilver Britney Spears Die Hard None
20 For Your Entertainment SDWolfpup Adam Lambert Arrested Development None
Come on!
21 If I Had You Dualbunny Adam Lambert Legend of the Seeker None
There's a thin, sexy line 'tween the dark side and the light side, baby, and it's just begging for a good crossing.
22 Bad Boy SDWolfpup Cascada Dante's Cove None
23 Bad Romance sisabet Lady Gaga Multi None
When mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent.

Disc 2

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Break Teen Spirit in Four Minutes dragonchic Britney Spears vs Nirvana vs Madona Wanted None
2 Filthy Mind SE Amanda Ghost Multi None
3 Feel It Milly Three 6 Mafia ft. Tiësto, Sean Kingston & Flo Rida So You Think You Can Dance None
4 Take Me Home such heights Sophie Ellis Bextor Multi None
"You deserve a girl like me." Set your femslash goggles to maximum.
5 Heartbreaker Barkley and Destina MSTRKRFT Southland None
Cooper is a heartbreaker.
6 The Last Firstborn dragonchic Celldweller Appleseed None
Smell of farewell and gasoline.
7 Boom Boom Pow hollywoodgrrl Black Eyed Peas Fringe None
8 The Name of the Game bradcpu The Crystal Method Legend of the Seeker None
A tribute to fightsex.
9 Call Me Uprising such heights CjR Doctor Who (2005) None
10 Here It Goes Back Again thingswithwings Here It Goes Again OK Go Back to the Future None
11 Heads Will Roll kiki_miserychic Yeah Yeah Yeahs (remix by A-Trak) The Misfits None
The men cry out, the girls cry out.
12 Tik Tok kuwdora Ke$ha Sanctuary None
The party don't start til I walk in.
13 D.A.N.C.E. hellpenguin Justice Leverage None
"Do the D.A.N.C.E., 1234 FIGHT!"
14 Boys Folder akemi42 Boys Boys Boys Lady Gaga Watchmen None
This vid explores the fan culture personality of Adrian Veidt and Watchmen slash pairings through a pop culture filter, as Dan and Rorschach sort through Veidt's infamous Boys Folder.
15 TKO Cherry Ice Le Tigre Life on Mars (UK) None
Sam, it's the voices. We've been talking, and we're beginning to become concerned for your well-being.
16 Ever Fallen in Love Eunice Buzzcocks Hard Core Logo None
17 Picture Frame of Rage Zeneyepirate The Headstones Natural Born Killers None
18 A Vindication of the Rights of Women Skud Bad Reputation Joan Jett Multi None
My own sex, I hope, will excuse me, if I treat them like rational creatures, instead of flattering their FASCINATING graces, and viewing them as if they were in a state of perpetual childhood, unable to stand alone. I earnestly wish to point out in what true dignity and human happiness consists -- I wish to persuade women to endeavour to acquire strength, both of mind and body, and to convince them, that the soft phrases, susceptibility of heart, delicacy of sentiment, and refinement of taste, are almost synonymous with epithets of weakness, and that those beings who are only the objects of pity and that kind of love, which has been termed its sister, will soon become objects of contempt. -- Mary Wollstonecraft, 1792
19 Seven Nation Army Charmax Effcee Multi None
20 Tear You Apart bradcpu She Wants Revenge Firefly None
21 Dancing with Myself Jetpack Monkey Billy Idol Gene Kelly None
If he had the chance, he'd teach the world to dance. Which he kinda did.
22 One Way or Another diannelamerc Blondiem Multi None
Mark Sheppard is love.
23 You Shook Me All Night Long mresundance AC/DC Vidding None

Disc 3

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Holding Out for a Hero Mary Crawford Jennifer Saunders Hercules None
2 Get Back Cappy Ludacris Merlin (BBC) None
3 I'm on a Boat kiki_miserychic The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain Star Trek XI a.k.a. Star Trek (2009) None
4 Copacabana Barkley and Destina Barry Manilow Stargate SG-1 None
5 Papa Don't Preach Eunice and Greensilver Madonna Doctor Who (2005) and Torchwood None
6 Evil Love Shack of Darkness SE Love Shack The B-52s Evil Dead trilogy None
7 Thriller Buffyann Michael Jackson Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural None
8 Who's Watching Me? jarrow Somebody's Watching Me Mysto & Pizzi Supernatural None
9 Livin' La Vida Loca rhoboat Ricky Martin Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars (UK) None
Like a bullet to your brain.
10 Video Killed the Radio Star Dualbunny The Buggles The Wizard of Oz None
11 Take On Me Greensilver A-Ha Doctor Who (1963) and Doctor Who (2005) None
Hello. I'm the Doctor.
12 Make Your Own Kind of Music Buffyann original by Mama Cass, remix by Mathieu Bouthier and Muttonheads Glee None
sing your own special song
13 Dance Across the Floor Little Heaven Jimmy Bo Horne Scrubs None
The dancing doctors of Sacred Heart.
14 Heart of Funkness AbsoluteDestiny Jungle Boogie Kool and the Gang Apocalypse Now None
15 Brick House gwyneth The Commodores Multi None
Gina Torres, eighth wonder of the world.
16 It's Raining Men California Crew The Weather Girls Multi None
17 A Fannish Taxonomy of Hotness Clucking Belles, Sandy and rache Hot Hot Hot Buster Poindexter Multi None
18 Man in Motion renenet St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) John Parr The Matrix Trilogy None
19 God Is a DJ Dualbunny Pink Battlestar Galactica (2003) None
20 Stop the Rock Nappy Apollo 440 Multi None
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